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Posted By Topic: Islamic schools for kids in Egypt or yemen

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abu-sulayman abdulaah (sweden-egypt)
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Assalaam aleikom wa rahmatollah

We are a family from sweden who are in Egypt. We have been here a couple of months but are facing problems in finding a good islamic school for our children. We are living outside Mansora for the moment and have been talking to religious people here, all of them are saying that the schools in Egypt are not good, the only alternativ if you can afford it is homeschooling.

We have tried it out but find the teachers not to be sincere in their teaching. Our children do not learn that much, just a waste of time and money.  

So if anyone know of a good islamic school anywhere in Egypt we would like to know about it. Our childrens ages are 10, 8, 6 yrs old.

We have almost lost hope in this country and thinking of going to Yemen. Anyone who could give us naseeha in this regard, Yemen vs Egypt with regard to being able to raise God fearing children!!! That is, a good islamic enviroment for children to be in.
Sometimes you feel that you made hijrah from dar ul Kufr and all the bad things there but here in Egypt you found liers, muslims are using drugs in the streets, most of the people are very far away from the religion they are even going to graves to worship, superstition, uttering things of kufr and so on. Wa Allaho Mosta3an.

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Abu Muawiyah Safdar Mohammed Khan (Birmingham )
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Assalmu alaikum

Schooling is a problem in many places, devise your own curriculum & then get tutors to teach your children, arabic & qur'aan teachers are generally very cheap so this shouldnt be a problem,

Remember the reasons why you went there & be patient, you may move to Yemen & find the same problems, focus on Arabic/Quraan as these are the areas that Egypt is famnous for and has teachers in abundance, speak to people there that you trust as they will InshaAlaah be willing to help you

We were in Saudi MashaAllaah (it is the best place in the world)and found similar problems in the schools there as sincerity is difficult to find especially when the schools aim is to make money, you will find good, sincere people out there and they are there and willing to help you, so make dua and be patient & Allaah will aid you, you havent been there that long to give up so quickly

Wasalamu alaikum

Abu Muawiyah Safdar

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