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Posted By Topic: Animated Book: The Arabic Alphabets

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Aboo Ibraaheem Saajidur-Rahmaan (Birmingham)
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Animated Book: Arabic Letters

It?s an excellent program for Children who want to learn the Qur'aan.

It contains all 28 Arabic Alphabets with Sounds.  

This is a new program. Its the first program from the series.

If you would like this program then you can:

(1) Download it from (you'll need to register first before you can start to download).

(2) If you email me, then inshaa-Allaah I'll email you the program.  Please state which children's book you would like.

It?s a PowerPoint file.  So you need:

PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (it?s free to download)

Here's a link:

Aboo Ibraaheem Haroon

Haroon as-Salafi

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