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Posted By Topic: ***NEW Al-Athariyyah Friday Class***

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al- (London U.K.)
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***NEW Al-Athariyyah Friday Class***

The Thalaathat-ul-Usool Classes which we recently started studying with our brother Abu Umar Faarooq will carry on after Ramadhaan inshaa Allaah.

From this Friday 24th July 2009 & WEEKLY THEREAFTER UNTILL RAMADHAAN

Our brother Abu Abdir Rahmaan Uways will begin

'Tafsir of Surat ul Faatihah'

Taken from the works of the Great Scholar, The Great 'Aalim Shaikh Ibnul Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

from 7.30pm

Hostel lounge, Durning hall complex,
Earlham Grove, Forest Gate,
London, E7 9AB

Cd's & Books will be for sale before and after the lecture inshaa Allaah   |

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