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Posted By Topic: Wolverhampton -- Understanding Islam Conference

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29-06-2009 @ 5:38 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006
Wolverhamptons' First All Inclusive Islamic Event

Sunday 19th July 2009
Doors open at 2pm (Free Entry)

At Wolverhampton Civic Hall:
      North Street,
      Wolverhampton, WV1
     (next door to the Magistrates Court)

2:30pm Programme 1:
The Purpose of Life

Followed by Question & Answer Session

4:30pm Programme 2:
The True Message of Jesus (peace be upon him)... A Prophet of God, or His only begotten son?

Followed by Question & Answer Session

6:30pm Programme 3:
Orthodox Islams' condemnation of Extremism, Terrorism, Suicide attacks & Hijacking... Are these acts permissible in Islam & who are the perpetrators of evil?

Followed by Question & Answer Session

Refreshments provided.
Free Literature, Books and CDs.

Front of Poster..(click here)..

[url=]Back of Poster..(click here)..[/url]

16-07-2009 @ 12:07 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006
please see the 2 posters... attached

Further information, please contact, 07877 311 781

Or Email

01-08-2009 @ 5:31 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu Safaa Saqib bin Muhammad (Wolverhampton England UK)
Posts: 1
Joined: Oct 2008

Salaam msaqib2 & Salafi Brothers

Is there a Wolverhampton Salafi Circle?
I am going through An Nawawi's 40 Ahadith with 2  other brothers, perhaps we could meet up. Sorry I was held back from the Wton conference, but InshAllah see you at the Birmingham one on 14th August.

Thaqib (Abu Safaa)


02-08-2009 @ 7:27 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006

As-Salaamu AlaiKum akhi,

If Allah permitts, then i should be there this year if im not busy, inshallah.

With regards to Imaam An Nawawi's 40 Ahadith, then i have the Arabic mtn/txt with recitation by Saad al-Ghamdhi.

If you want this, then let me know and inshallah i can get you a copy... it should help you (and the other brothers) memorise the hadith easier inshallah.

As-Salaamu AlaiKum wa Rahmatullahi wa Baarakatuhu.

Subhaanaka Allaahumma wa bihamdika, ash-hadu an-laa ilaa'ha illa Anta, Astagh'firuka wa atoobu ilayk
(Glory is to You, O Allah, and All praise is to You. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but You (alone). I seek Your forgiveness and r

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