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Posted By Topic: Duroos in Madinah 3/1430

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. Abdulilah Rabah Lahmami (Al Madeenah, S. Arabia)
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Joined: Sep 2002
Sheikh Abdulmuhsin al-'Abbad  continued his explanation of Sunan ibn Maajah last Saturday kitaab Talaq.

Sheikh Ubayd al-Jaabiree will continue with Wasitiyah this Friday after jum'ah inshaallaah and start a new dars 'Umdatul Fiqh on Thursday after Maghrib inshaallaah. this is on

Sheikh Abdullah al-Bukhaari completed Haaiyah of ibn Abi Dawud last Friday (excellent) and began Baiquniyyah (muhim) last Saturday after Asr everyday in the masjidul Jaami'ah. i think this is also on

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi will continue his sharh of Ma'aarij al-Qubool next Saturday inshaallaah.sat/sun/tues.

Yesterday sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi was invited by the mudeer (dean) of the Islamic university of Madinah to give a lecture after Isha in the main Hall on the manners of the callers. Mashaallaah it was well attended, packed hall with many Mashayakh too showing their support such as Sheikh Saalih Suhaimi, Sheikh Abdulsallam Suhaimi, sheikh Abdullah al-Bukhaari, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Rabee' ibn Haadi, Sheikh Suliaman Ruhaili and others.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi has a lecture today at Quba on holding onto to the Sunnah.

May Allaah reward the scholars for their efforts in spreading Tawheed and Sunnah.

Abdulilah Lahmami

قال تعالى:{إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون}
قال الشيخ السعدي - رحمه الله - في تفسيره (3/31): " فلا يحرف محرف معنى من معانيه( القرآن ) إلا وقيض  الله له من يبين الحق المبين وهذا من أعظم آيات الله ونعمه على عباده المؤمنين".

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Joined: Jul 2005
The lecture of Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee hafidhahullah on manners of the Callers to Islam can be listened at

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