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al- (London U.K.)
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*** Live Tele-Link ***

Shaykh 'Ubayd ibn 'Abdillaah al-Jaabiree

Explanation of the hadeeth of Abu Musa: 'The Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said:
"A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts enforce each other." The Prophet then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced (while saying that).' Bukhaari

Saturday 28th June 2008

from 7.30pm

Hostel lounge, Durning hall complex,
Earlham Grove, Forest Gate,
London, E7 9AB

Cd's & Books will be sold before and after the lecture inshaa Allaah


PLEASE NOTE: The Explanation of Forty Hadeeth by Imaam Nawawee, with our brother Amer, will now be taking place EVERY FRIDAY - from this Friday 27th June 2008 InshaaAllaah.   |

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