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Posted By Topic: Presented for the First Time by the Two Great Scholars Muhammad al-Uthaymeen and Muqbil al-Wadaŭee -Rahimumllaah-

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Praise be to Allaah the Lord of the worlds, Praise and Peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad the trustworthy, and upon his Family and his Companions, and their Successors and all those who follow them with goodness till the Day of Judgment, to continue:

This delightful gathering of knowledge which is presented for the first time, a gathering in which I was present with the noble shaykh, the scholar of Fiqh, Abu Abdullaah Muhammad Salih al-Uthyameen -Rahimullaah- in the year 1420 A.H. with a group of businessmen in the district where I live. I was honoured to record this meeting, then by the Qadr of Allaah I lost the recording for a number of years, and then by the excellence of Allaah to me I found the recording while my library was being organized. I was extremely happy, especially since I was the only one who recorded that sitting, so praise be to Allaah with what He has blessed me with.

Here I present it to my brothers so they can benefit from that gathering, and so that we can spread the knowledge of the Shaykh - Rahimullaah. ...

The Shaykh -Rahimullaah- gave some valuable advice for businessmen in this recording, and he answered some of the questions of those present. I was honoured to ask some of these questions to the noble Shaykh, and to which the Shaykh answered, the like of:

    * Is the percentage of profits in business limited in the Shariaŭ or not?
    * The ruling of a businessman selling something which he does not own?
    * The ruling of selling via a catalogue or via the internet?

We have placed this advice in the form of a pamphlet on the Miraath al-Anbiyaa website (in Arabic), to make it easy for distribution for the one who wants to print it, as long as nothing is changed on the pamphlet. Also from the excellence of Allaah upon me ŭ and His excellence upon me has been successive ŭ I found while organizing my library ŭ some pages which the noble shaykh, scholar, the Muhadith Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wadaŭee wrote.

These two pages have a story behind them which is, that I stuck to the shaykh for three months during his presence in Jeddah city, where he came for treatment, and praise be to Allaah. During this time I requested the shaykh to write a program of study for me, with which a person can set up a Shariaŭ institute or a center to teach the Shariaŭ etc. the shaykh responded to this request and wrote a curriculum (which is attached) with the handwriting of the shaykh and this is being distributed for the first time. So we can spread knowledge and fulfill that which is obligatory upon us in respect to the people of excellence and knowledge, and that people can benefit from their knowledge, and I ask Allaah that He has mercy on our shaykh and raises his rank.

The shaykh told me to add ŭKitab al-Tawheedŭ by Ibn Khuzaimah to the list, this is why the writing is different. You may download a copy from the link below.

Praise and Peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his Family and all his Companions

                                        Your Brother
                              Abu Zeiad , Khalid Mohammed Bagais
                                 ŭMirath-al-Anbiyaaŭ website.

The Link :

** abuzeiadalathary@hotmail **

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