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Posted By Topic: ( Iphone , Ipad users ) Download Translated Ramadan Audios by Sh Obaid Al Jabree

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assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

Now You can Download some Translated audios of Ramadan from our site Miraath.Net by shaikh Obaid Al Jabree which Consisting of :

7 Lessons Book Of Fasting from Book of Omdat Al Ahkam.
3 Open Sessions
A lecture entitled : The Last ten days of Ramadan

Iphone , Ipad and Ipod users can downloading these audios and more inshaAllah which we have uploaded on to iTunes, just type in the following word  "miraath" in the search.

We are currently testing the uploading of audio clips using iTunse , so who ever has any advice or previous experience Then please do share this with us for a general benefit

We like to make it clear that Miraath.Net audios for personal use may not be used commercially .

wa jazakum Allahu khairan

       Your Brother
  Abu Zeiad , Khalid Bagais
    Admin of Miraath Net

** abuzeiadalathary@hotmail **

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