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Posted By Topic: English Language Programme Director (1)-English Language Instructors(4) Riyadh KSA

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Abu Abdillah Hakim bin Mohamed (KUWAIT)
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Category: Jobs Offered

Region: Riyadh

Description: Notice for Recruitment by the College of Medicine, Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University, RIYADH, Saudi Arabia.

We are a new college, within a highly respected university. Our mission is to provide a first class education in medicine, while endeavoring to teach using progressive instructional methods. We aim to produce fine graduates whom will fulfil the needs of our population. Our staff must hold the utmost sincerity in attempting to fulfill this aim.

Positions Required:

English Language Instructors

Four (4) positions are available.
Must be native speakers; with clear spoken English.
Nationals of English speaking countries are invited to apply.
Applicants should hold a Bachelors/Masters degree and TEFL / TOEFL / CELTA or related qualification, and have at least two years experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
Basic degrees in science related subjects are also deemed useful for our programme.

All applicants must be male (for our Male Campus only)
Salary is dependent upon qualifications and experience.

English Language Programme Director

One (1) position is available.

The aforementioned requirements apply.
This candidate must show a vision and an aptitude for the development of an English language programme adapted specifically for medical students
Instructors in the Medical Sciences

Applicants will be assigned positions of lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor dependent upon qualifications and experience, upon confirmation by our accreditation committee.
We require applicants whose specializations are in a range of medical fields.

Applicants must hold the minimum of a masterýs degree in their medical subject from UK/US/Canada etc.
All qualifications must be attestable.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong command of the English language

The candidate must be familiar with modern instructional methods and must be willing to utilize these in the classroom.
Experience in teaching at a university level is required.
Applications must be received by email at first.

Short listed candidates must submit all documents by post.

Interviews may be arranged by internet conferencing, or telephone, or for those within Saudi Arabia ý in person.

Please send your application, in the form of your curriculum vitae, to  

Please note that the text portion of your curriculum vitae must be place in the body of the email and not by attachment. A copy of the curriculum vitae including a personal photograph may be sent by attachment.

Please also send a covering letter detailing your experience or ideas in teaching using modern instructional methods. This should also include a brief description of any research proposal that is planned or in progress. This should also be included in the body of the email and not by attachment.

Wa billah at tawfeeq.

Abu Abdillah.

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