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Posted By Topic: Salafis being blamed for violence in Egypt

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Hamza ibn Shaukat ibn Muhammad (London, UK)
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A number of recent news articles have quoted sources who are attempting to lay the blame for spates of violence in Egypt on the Salafis. Here are a few of quotes:

Salafist groups find footing in Egypt after revolution

While Western governments have long worried about Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptians are more concerned about the rise of Salafist groups, which have been blamed for a series of violent incidents in rural areas.
The Salafists have denied responsibility.
The Salafists have a strict interpretation of the Koran and believe in creating an Islamic state governed by Sharia law as it was practised by the Prophet Muhammad and enforced by his companions in the 7th Century.
They argue that the Muslim Brotherhood has become too focused on politics at the expense of religion.
"An Islamic government is a government that is based on Sharia law", said Abdel Moneem al-Shahat, a rising star of the Salafist satellite TV circuit. "Sharia can't be changed because it comes from the days of Prophet Mohammed."
Egypt's Salafist groups, which started attracting significant support in the 1980s have in the past kept a low profile. But since the revolution they have been much more vocal.
In fact the Salafists' exclusively religious outlook is now changing. Even though they came late to the revolution many Salafist groups, which have traditionally steered clear of politics, are now saying they want to participate in the political process.
Salafist satellite TV channels give an indication of their growing influence.
Founded in 2006 by a Saudi businessman, Al Khalajia TV, used to broadcast pop songs and dancing videos. Then the owner wondered whether religious music and Salafi sermons would turn a quicker profit. (BBC - bold, underline mine)

Have the scholars said anything of Abdel Moneem al-Shahat?

[url=]Death toll in Egypt church clash rises to 10, 186 wounded[/url]

Shots fired, firebombs thrown as Salafists surround Saint Mina Church in Cairo demanding the release of Christian woman who converted to Islam.
Witnesses said around 500 conservative Islamists known as Salafists massed outside the Saint Mina Church in the Cairo suburb of Imbaba on Saturday demanding that Christians hand over a woman they said had converted to Islam. (Jerusalem Post)

[url=]Military trial for 190 after Egypt sectarian clashes [/url]

The statement came after a series of Muslim-Christian clashes and amid the growing public presence of Salafis -- a puritanical Islamist sect -- since the fall of Mubarak after a wave of mass protests. (Yahoo News)

Does anyone know whether the 'ulema have said anything about whether Salafis are becoming more politically involved in Egypt? What about claims of violence being attributed to them?
It would be good to get some more information on this issue from Salafis in Egypt.

Jazakumullaah khair.

Subhaanakallaah humma wa bi Hamdika Ashadu allaa ilaha illa ant, astaghfiruka wa atooba ilayk

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