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Posted By Topic: Shiddah(Harshness) of the Salaf against Ahlul Bid'ah

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Below are some narrations from a chapter in the book Ijmaaıul ıulamaa ıalal hajri wat tahdheeri min ahlil ahwaaı (The concensus of the ulamaa regarding boycotting and warning against the people of desires) from the post "Al-fawaariq(2)" of Br. Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis hafidhahullah.

ıı.Ibnul jawzi mentions concerning al imaam ahmad rahimahullah :-:- ıcertainly imaam ahmad  ıli-shiddati-tamasukihi bis sunnaı due to his severe clinging to the sunnah and his prohibiton of bidıah spoke against a group from amongst the choice ones (ie the noble ones) if there came from them that which was in opposition to the sunnah and those statements of his are considered naseehah to the religionı

He goes on to mention he statement of ibnul qayyim in his book ıshifaaıul ıaleelı page 60 ::ı indeed ibn abaas was ıshadeed ı(harsh) against the qadariyah and likewise the sahaabah(i.e were also shadeed)ı

He then goes on to mention that which occurs in the biography of al imaam hamaad ibn salamah al basri (167h):

He mentions the statement of imaam dhahabi : ı..imaam ahmad said : if you see a man slandering hamaad ibn salamah then suspect his islaam, for indeed he was ıshadeedı(harsh) upon the people of bidıahı

Likewise concerning bilaal ibn abi burdah(120h) he mentions the statement of imaam dhahabee he says after mentioning that khalid ibn abdillah al qasri utilised him in the affairs of judging and other than that while he was in charge of the affairs of the muslim then imaam dhahabee says: ı..and bilaal ibn abi burdah  was ıshadeedı(harsh) upon ahlil bidıahı

He likewise mentions the statement of  az-zawaawi about imaam abdur rahmaan ibn hurmuz  al aıraj(117h) :ı ibn hurmuz was little in speech and was ıshadeedı against ahlil bidıahı

As for the famous qaadi (judge) shreek ibn abdillah an nakha'iı(177h) he quotes the statement of imaam ahmad ı he was intelligent, trustworthy, a muhadith(scholar of hadeeth) and was shadeed(harsh) upon the people of doubt and bidıahı

Concerning imaam ash shaafiıee(204h) he quotes the statement of al imaamul baihaqi concerning him in ımanaaqibush shaafiıeeıı vol 1 page 469:
ıAsh-shaafiıee radhiyallahu anhu  was ıshadeedı(harsh) upon the people of heresy and and bidıah making his hatred and boycotting of them apparentı

Concerning the imaam umar ibn haroon al balkhi(194h) he mentions the statement of  imaam qutaiba ibn saıeed
ıumar ibn haaroon was shadeed(harsh) upon the murjiıah and he used to mention their evils and afflictionsı

About abdillah ibn abi hisaan al yahsibi (226h) ıhe was generous, eloquent, strong in debate, a defender of the sunnah a follower of the way of imaam maalik ıshadeedı(harsh) upon ahlil bidıahı

About imaam uthmaan ibn saeed ad daarimi (280h) he mentions the statement of imaam ibn hibbaan ıAd daarimi was from the precise narrators, and from the people of piety in the religion from those who memorized and collected and authored and narrated. He made the Sunnah apparent in his country and called to it and defended its sacred nature and suppressed those who oppose itı

About ismaıeel ibn ishaaq al qaadi (282h) ıhe was ıshadeedı upon the people of bidıahıı

Concerning the imaam of ahlus sunnah in his time abu Muhammad al hussain ibn ali ibn khalaf al barbahaari(329h) he quotes the statement of imaam ibn katheer concerning him ıThe scholar, the one who practiced abstinence, the jurist, the one upon the way of ahmad ibn hanbal, the admonisher, the companion(sometimes meaning the student) of (imaam) marwazi and sahl at tustariıand he was ıshadeedı upon ahlul bidıahıı

Concerning imaam abi umar ibn ahmad ibn Muhammad al talamanki(429h) he mentions the statement of imaam adh dhahabee dhahabee ı he was noble, staunch upon the sunnah khalaf ibn bashkawaal said: ı he was an unsheathed sword against ahlul ahwaa and bidıah, a suppressor of them, having jealousy and zealousness for the shariah, harsh in the way of allah.ı

Concerning shaikhul islaam ibn taimiyah he quotes the statement of the student of shaikhul islaam 'ibn abdil haadi' concerning him ısuppressor of the people of bidıahı

He likewise said::ı for he ı may Allah show him mercy was an unsheathed sword against the people of opposition, the foreign body (thorn etc) in the throat of the people of desires, the mubtadıieenı

Likewise the statement of kamaalud deen ibniz zamlakaani:ıthe aider of the sunnah suppressor of bidıah, allahs proof upon his servants in his time the refuter of the people of deviation and obstinance

Indeed the narrations in that regard are plenty, for an increase in that return to the second section of the abovementioned book.

In his introduction to the book, shaikh ubaid says after him supplicating for the author due to that which he has put in his book from verses of revelation and saheeh sunnah and narrations from the salaf ıthat which will make the reader stop and recognise the fact that the ulamaa of islaam especially the salafiyoon are not complacent in refuting bidah and being harsh upon its people, so they are in truth as it occurs in a narration ıthis knowledge will be carried in every generation by the trustworthy they repel from it the distortions of those who go beyond bounds and the falsehood of those who fabricate lies and the false interpretation of the ignorantı

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