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Posted By Topic: Fatwa of Shaikh al-Wasaabee of Yemen on Abul-Hasan al-Maribee and Followers and Those Who Withhold From Taking a Position

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Fatwa of Shaikh al-Wasaabee of Yemen on Abul-Hasan al-Maribee and His Followers and Those Who Withhold From Taking a Position

This was posted by Khaalid al-Ghurbaanee on Sahab.Net and is extracted from the cassette, "Answers to Questions from Ahl us-Sunnah in 'Aden" dated 15th Shawwaal 1423H.

Abul Hasan is considered to be from Ahl ul-Bid'ah wal-Ahwaa. A man whom Allaah misguided upon knowledge, sealed his hearing and his heart and placed a veil over his sight, so who will guide him after Allaah! And Allaah ta'aalaa is the one who guides and misguides.

Abul Hasan and those who have partisanship towards him are to be boycotted, their marriages are not to be attended, and nor are their funerals to be attended, and they are not to be given the salaam. And this is the way towards all the people of innovations and desires... they are not to be sat with.

Those people who declare Abu Hasan (only) to be in error, and do not hold that he should be boycotted, they are contradicting themselves. They have not taken the words of the people of knowledge and nor have they taken the words of the people of innovations and desires. But they took some from this and some from that. So they have something of the truth (i.e. acknowledging his mistakes) and they have something of falsehood. So they are to be thrown alongside them (i.e. the Innovators, people of desires, Abul-Hasan and his followers). The matter is either truth or falsehood. And also the one who holds that he is to be boycotted but does not hold him to be an Innovator, he too is contradictory...

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as salaamu alaikum i have a question

so what do we do with statements of some of the kibaarul-'ulamaa, some who haven't declared abul-hasan al-ma'ribi to be from ahlul bid'ah, and some who have even said that he and all of those who speak against him are from ahlus sunnah (namely shaykh fawzaan)?  are they to be considered alongside him, or contracdictory, of having some of truth and some of falsehood?
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Wa alaykum us salaam

Ikhwaan the matter is simple. Those that the Shaykh is speaking about are those with partisanship towards Abul Hasan after it becomes clear to them that he has opposed the Usool. With respect to the many of the Shaykhs in Saudi, they do not hold their position due to partisanship in the first place, and secondly, the full knowledge of Abul-Hasan al-Mar'ibee's deviation has not come to them. This is proven by the fact that some of those who used to defend him from amongst the Shaykhs, or did not see his errors to be serious are now speaking about him. However, Shaykh al-Wasaabee is speaking about those who know his serious errors and have knowledge that he innovated and deviated in fundamentals, and then did not repent, and after this showed partisanship towards him, or took a stance other than the correct Sharee'ah stance in how he is to be dealt with, after knowing all this, with clarity.

There are some people that are not to be blamed in this matter:

a) those people who are not confused about the issue, know the truth, know the correct usool, hold to it, support those on the truth and say that we don't want to get involved but just want to learn the deen, and they know that Abul-Hasan is deviant, so this causes no problem for them at all, and they have no hizbiyyah or partisanship towards him, and are clear on the matter because the matter does not cause any confusion or problem for them, but they do not want to spend time on it
b) the people of knowledge who have made ijtihaad in this matter, and the truth has not become clear to them yet, or the full knowledge of what this man has been up to has not come to them yet
c) the general common people to whom these false usool have not reached, and they are not affected by them, and they are unaware of the matter, and this issue has not come to their attention, so they are left like this

However, amongst those who are to be blamed are the following:

a) those who defend him whilst knowing a jarh mufassar exists, and instead they use the "ikhtilaaf" argument
b) those who know of his errors and deviations but show partisanship
c) those who are in a position to know the issues by reading the refutations which have reached over 200 in number, or are able to understand the issues, because they have the ability, but instead they do not and at the same time, hold that the issue is not clear and they still defend Abul Hasan, and they continue to withhold, or speak in favour of Abul Hasan
d) and many of those who merely support him because he is against the Salafees, while they don't have a clue as to what all of this is about. There are a large number of people like this, because they already have hatred of the Salafees and the true Salafee manhaj, so they use this issue and others to show opposition to the Salafees
e) those who continue to promote his actual usool, who write or translate articles to defend these usool and to spread them amongst the people

Basically it is anyone who

a) is not clear on the issues or about the Ikhwaanee usool invented by Abul-Hasan and upon this ignorance, shows some type of partisan support for Abul Hasan
b) or due to desire, after knowing that there is deviation with this man, he shows some type of support from him
c) or is involved in spreading his false usool, spreading innovation and outlining them to the people

As for the Scholars, then partisanship is negated from them, they are people of ijtihaad, they do not speak upon his issue in order to show partisanship for him. As for those below the level of the Scholars they are obligated to follow the Scholars, and in this situation where we have a difference, they are obligated to take the Jarh Mufassar. This is why there exists a manhaj that shows us how to behave in a situation like this. We take the Jarh Mufassar, and in reality many of the defenders of Abul-Hasan are fighting against this manhaj in the name of "taqleed", "tathabbut" and so on. They themselves in defending Abul-Hasan are using Abul-Hasan's own manhaj to defend him. Thus, they are opposing the correct manhaj that should be followed in behaving in a situation like this. This makes it even worse for those who are students of knowledge, who ought to know these things, especially when in the fitnahs that came before, like Ar'oor and Safar and Salman, they actually did take the Jarh Mufassar and had no problem in accepting it.

So those who are lesser than the scholars and know that there is some scholars who spoke severely upon him, expelled him from the Sunnah, declared him an Innovator (and the list is growing), and at the same time, they claim to be students of knowledge, or they are promoting their own viewpoint on this matter, and instead of taking the Jarh Mufassar which is what they are obligated to take in this situation, they start using excuses like, well he was praised by so and so, or so and so declares him Salafee, or there is an ikhtilaaf, and other such excuses, and he tries to flee away from the fact that in this situation he is obligated to take the Jarh Mufassar, then such a one has hawaa and partisanship. So it is these types of people being referred to.

As for those whom the Shaykh regards as contradictory, then perhaps he is speaking about specific types of people from those from the students of knowledge who have put themselves at the level of the Major Scholars, and caused fitnah for the youth by way of this, by making the youth follow their particular opinion which is contradictory, because they accept that he has mistakes in usool, and they know that he has not made the tawbah, and know that he is fighting against the Major Scholars and defaming them, and then still say that he is Salafee, and make flattery for him, or they will not come out and take a correct Sharee'ah position on him.

Allaah knows best.


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