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Posted By Topic: O Allaah!! Guide them Away from Ikhwaaniyyah!!

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Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil-Aalameen Was-Salatu Was-Salamu Alaa Rasoolihi. Wa ba'ad.

The brother, Abdur-Rahman Abu Abdullah Aal Umaysaan, a former close acquaintance of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee has a written a testimony exposing some statements that this Ikhwaanee Dajjaal made, indicating the true nature of his misguidance and his evil intentions.

Amongst what he has written is:
I heard Abal-Hasan Mustafaa bin Ismaa'eel as-Sulaymaanee al-Misree, the resident of Ma'rib say, whilst he was on his journey to meet the Shaykhs of Madniah, who wanted to make Islaah:

"You will see O Abdar-Rahmaan, Shaykh Rabee' will be walking all by himself, all of the people will be with us".

And he used to contact us (by phone) and would (boast) saying, "So and so (number of people) were present with us in such and such place...", and then as the days passed by his followers would be decreasing, and then after some days his deceptions and plotting would return - which is a habit of his - and he would then say, "This is the way of the people of truth, that their followers decrease".

Then Abu Abdullaah Abd ur-Rahmaan explains how Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee kept saying that we have to now review everything that Shaykh Rabee has said concerning individuals. That he debated with him concerning Adnaan Ar'oor explaining that all the scholars have spoken against him, even Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad warned from him and advised not to sit with him or listen to him and not to invite him, and that Ar'oor is the one who reviled all the scholars and even said about Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad, "his words are thrown back in his own face", meaning the words Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin said in warning against Ar'oor.

And Abu Abdullaah Abdur-Rahmaan continues and says that Shaykh Muqbil also affirmed that Ar'oor is a Qutubi, as Shaykh Rabee' said so and whoever Shaykh Rabee' speaks of saying he is Hizbee or Qutubee, then the days will soon reveal tha he is indeed so, and that he also explained to Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee that Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen and Shaykh al-Fawzaan even spoke about him and refuted him. So alongside all of this Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee still wanted to reject whatever Shaykh Rabee had said about Adnaan Ar'oor. And he also says that he wonders whether Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee, if he was asked about others like Salman and Safar, would he come with the same thing (i.e. to ask for the rejection of the criticisms against them by Shaykh Rabee' as well, just as he was hoping with Ar'oor, because he was a friend of Ar'oor.)

He also said:

5. Abul-Hasan said to me, "If the Mashaayikh of Madinah issued a bayaan in which there is no support for the truth, I will certainly refute them".

And he also said:

7. And our Shaykh, Shaykh Alee bin Muhammad bin Naasir al-Faqeehee narrated to me, "I have not sat with Abul-Hasan except once. However, I saw that he was a hotheaded youth, and he never ceased to be affected by the Ikhwaaniyyah which he used to be upon".

And he also said:

8. And what also occurred with him once, was that we were in a hotel in which he stopped, and then one of the brothers came with some dates which were on a plate which had a covering over it (to cover the dates), so Abul-Hasan took this covering off the plate, and he said, "This is what I have done with the Salafees...".

I say: I don't know in which time they were suppressed (i.e. hidden), was it in the time of Shaykh Muqbil, in "the time of fear"?

And he finishes by saying:

So O you who desires the truth and hopes in deliverance, this is only a selection of that which we observed from him, so beware and know the reality of this man... this is what I heard from his man, I ask Allaah the Mighty, that he protects us and protects the Salafee Da'wah from his evil and the evil of his likes.

Written by Abu Abdullaah Abdur-Rahmaan bin Muhammad bin Abdullaah Aal Umaysaan al-Yamaanee, on the night of Thursday, 5-11-1423H

Some Important Facts
Ar'oor was the one who corrupted al-Maghraawee, and turned him Qutubee. Shaykh Rabee' gave great excuses for Maghraawee, before it became absolutely clear that he allied with Ar'oor and became affected by his manhaj and started to teach it in his lessons and books. Ar'oor was with Safar and Salman and upon their manhaj in calling to the manhaj of Sayyid Qutb, and al-Ma'ribee is intimate friends with Ar'oor and Ar'oor is the one who corrupted al-Maghrawee.  Al-Ma'ribee is married to the daughter of one of the two men executed along with Sayyid Qutb in 1966 in Egypt. Things start making sense? Al-Ma'ribee was a former Takfeeree from one of the takfeeree groups in Egypt. He fled to Yemen in the early 80s or around that time. Al-Ma'ribee taught the book of Sayyid Qutb called Milestones in his camp in Ma'rib. He defended him on the issue of Wahdatul-Wujood using the arguments of Abdullaah Azzaam, at a time when he knew that the Major Salafee scholars had refuted him on it. He taught the book of Salaah as-Saawee called Jamaa'at ul-Muslimeen, and Abdul-Qadir Abdul-Azeez's book on Jihaad, both these individuals are Qutubis. Al-Ma'ribee sat in the same house as Salman al-Awdah. Al-Ma'ribee jointly authorises funds and grants for some of the students of knowledge with some of the outspoken Qutubi figureheads of Saudi Arabia. His signuature appears on his own letterheads along with one of the major Qutubi figureheads of Saudi Arabia. This is documented and copies of this are on the Internet. Hassan al-Banna brought the principle of "ta'aawun and ma'dhirah" (co-operating and forgiving), Salman al-Awdah and others brought "al-Muwaazanah". Ar'oor brought "we correct but do not disparage", and al-Ma'ribee brought "we correct but do not destroy"? Now understand that all of this is Ikhwaaniyyah and has the same source and root? All of the above facts, are facts. They are documented, corroborated.

As Shaykh Ubayd said (after their attempts to correct and advise Abul-Hasan):

"...and that which is affirmed and established with me is that the man is a pure Ikhwani (Ikhwani of flesh), one who devises plots (maakir), one who plays around (la''aab), and one who has been sent, or planted ( madsoos) amongst the Shaykhs of Yemen, in order to split their word, and to turn them into sects and groups."

Now do you understand why all this war against Shaykh Rabee' specifically and this great war against those in the West who were the most vocal in warning people from this fitnah for many long years? Well those who listened, took things on board, and appropriately changed their behaviour and their da'wah and their walaa and baraa and their manhaj are the ones who are clear today, and those who thought it was a joke, and continued to spend their years in ignorance and not seeking knowledge, well you can see their pitiful state. The fitnah came to them, and now they are utterly and totally confused, not knowing where to turn. May Allaah guide us and them! Shaykh Rabee is the one who single-handedly stood up to all this fitnah. He stood firm, may Allaah reward him immensely. And similarly Shaykh Faalih al-Harbee.

May Allaah guide the deceived ones back to their senses. May Allaah guide them away from using the slogans of moderation and balance, when their tasaahul and tamyee' and their rejection of the jarh mufassar opened up the realities of their weakness in manhaj and their unfortunate company with the Innovators which has clearly affected them! They only attack the Salafee Du'aat because they themselves are affected by the usool and manhaj of this Ikhwaanee Dajjaal.

O Allaah guide this Ikhwaanee from Ma'rib, this caller to the gates of Hellfire, make him sincere, and purify his intentions and cleanse his diseased innovating heart or otherwise break his back and end his evil!

O Allaah guide the Muta'assibeen and Muqallideen and Muhqibeen back to their intellects! And save them from this Ikhwaaniyyah which has made them transgress against their brothers!

O Allaah remove this Ikhwaanee fitnah from the ranks of the Salafees!

O Allaah make these confused people realise the great danger of being lax with the Innovators!

O Allaah protect the firm Salafees, who have been firm in every fitnah, beginning with that of the Qutubiyyeen of the 1990s, protect them from the evil that is brought upon them by the ignorant ones, those who used to mock about the "manhaj" and used the mock the Salafees, and call them "extremists", who themselves did not have a clue about this fitnah which has now exploded and affected every Salafee in every place!

The example of this is like the rock that falls into the ocean, and starts off a tidal wave that travels thousands of miles before reaching the coast. The clear firm Salafees recognised that many long years ago, and knew what it would lead to, so they prepared themselves, stuck the guidance of the scholars who clarified the manhaj, and they built their da'wah and their walaa and baraa upon it, and fled from the hizbiyyeen, and were very strict in their da'wah, refusing to cooperate with anyone who did not display a sound understanding and implementation of the Salafee manhaj, and so they went inland, safe and secure, realising the greater things and tribulations yet to come, and everyone thought them to be extreme and harsh. And as for those who remained upon jahl and hawaa, and did not proceed upon baseerah, well the tidal wave has come upon them, and engulfed them, because they continued to fool around on the coast. What you see now is every naa'iq speaking about this fitnah and everyone confused not knowing who or what to believe or what is going on! And then instead of attributing this fitnah to those who truly brought it within the Salafees (the Ikhwaanee Imposters, posing as Salafees who came in the last 10 years), they blame it upon the Salafees themselves! The matter is so very simple, if only they knew, yet it has become so very confusing?! And to make matters worse and more confusing, you now have many people who had personal grudges and jealousies with the Salafees, all of them are coming out and fuelling the fitnah by spreading their own lies and mixing it with this fitnah to make it worse, and make it even more difficult for the average Salafee to figure out what is going on!

O Allaah keep the Scholars of the Salafee Manhaj alive, and prolong their lives and reward them greatly for uncovering this great fitnah and opening the eyes of the Salafees to it.

O Allaah make the Salafees united upon the aqeedah and manhaj of the Salaf, not what the Mumayyi'ah call the "maslahah of the da'wah", because this is just siyaasah in the da'wah! It is this type of siyaasah which has been played for many years that has brought this destruction to the da'wah!

O Allaah protect the minds of those who do not know from being deceived by these Ikhwaanee slogans of "moderation", "maslaha of the da'wah", these are just slogans by which they are trying to hide their great mistakes and great ignorance in manhaj, and using them to demonise the Salafees who have been on the truth all along, and who stood firm, and never cooperated with the Hizbiyyeen in the da'wah.

O Allaah grant the understanding and the implementation of the Salafee manhaj to the sincere ones in every place wherever they may be and unite them upon it, and remove whatever rancour and hatred has appeared amongst them due to this filthy Ikhwaaniyyah!

O Allaah rid this earth of the vile al-Ikhwaan al-Mufliseen, for they are amongst the greatest of evils to harm Salafiyyah in these times. They are the ones who came amongst the Salafees, and tore them apart, after they had been brothers. It began with Mohammad Qutb, Mohammad Suroor, Safar and Salman, Ar'oor, Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaaliq, ash-Shayijee, al-Maghraawee, al-Ma'ribee and others. All of them were Ikhwaaniyyah to the core. Some of them readily came out in the open like the earlier ones, and others were more deceptive and went undercover, like the later ones, such as Ar'oor and al-Ma'ribee. All their principles are the same, but they got more and more cunning each time their predecessors got exposed. And anyone who did not adopt the correct Salafee manhaj in each fitnah and did not display great caution each time, then they got influenced by this Ikhwaaniyyah, in their manhaj, in their walaa and baraa and their da'wah.

O Allaah, expose the evil of this manhaj of tamyee' which has been the cause of these Innovators being allowed to enter the Salafees. O Allaah destroy this manhaj, and revive the manhaj of the Salaf!

Praise be to Allaah who saved us from these fitan, and granted us success for many long years in clinging tightly to the Scholars who clarified the Salafee manhaj, and who were instrumental in refuting the new wave of Ikhwaanee imposters of the last decade, who entered the ranks of Ahl us-Sunnah and managed to affect them, the most dangerous of them and the most cunning of them this Dajjal from Ma'rib.


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Alhamdulillaahi Rabbil-Aalameen Was-Salatu Was-Salamu Alaa Rasoolihi. Wa ba'ad.

In the past two or three weeks , a website was set up by the followers of Abul-Hasan al-Mubtadi' al-Ikhwaanee, and was administered by a lover of the Ikhwaanee of Ma'rib, Abu Rayhaan as-Sulaymaanee al-Ma'ribee al-Khalafee. In the period of just a few days, selected individuals, all from the same collection of Ma'ribee Lovers began to pour insults upon some of the good Salafee brothers, and they even opened up threads allowing slanders, clear lies, and mockery and fun to be made about some of these specific brothers, and speaking about their personal lives and affairs, all with clear lies. Nothing to do with aqeedah or manhaj, but only personal attacks that were motivated by the fact that their Ma'ribee Innovator has been exposed. The times of "daleel" and "tathabbut" disappeared, and instead a "manhaj waasi" of lying was employed. Lying and insults is permissible upon Salafees, without "daleel" and "tathabbut", and yet refuting the Ikhwaanee innovators and exposing them with hujjah and baraaheen is not permissible and is rejected with the same slogans of "daleel" and "tathabbut", "ikhtilaaf bayn al-ulamaa"!

An invidual going under the alias of "KA" posted some information in which he claimed to quote something from a written document. And alhamdulillah, we have this article in plain black and white and it reads, on lines 5 and 6 of the first page, "... I wish to inform you about some of the affairs that occurred between me and the Maktabah Salafiyyah, Birmingham, at the head of which is Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid bin Muhammad Alam al-Meerfooree al-Baakistaanee who lives in the land of the Kuffar".

So this Kadhdhaab, Coward, under the name of "KA" inserted the word "liar" into this text and claimed that what was written was: "Abu Khadeejah al mirpuri the liar who resides in the land of the disbelievers". Then another Affaak Mujrim took this speech and posted it another website run by Ahl ul-Ahwaa, al-Farsee Lovers, going under the name "cyber athari". These individuals did this in order to cause fitnah and to spread mischief and to open up a sealed and private affair between two parties, that was being resolved, and this affair started because of some mischief makers, who created this mischief between the two said parties. Allaah knows best where they (KA and cyber athari) have spread this, or where else it has been spread to by email or otherwise, but let them receive glad tidings that this burden of transmission will remain upon them, and it is better for them to apologise to whoever needs apologising, and whomever they slandered, or otherwise face the consequences for this cowardly and treacherous act which involves a clear, pre-determined, calculated intent to lie and to insert words where they are not to be found. Since they are claiming to transmit from a written document. And they have lied upon it, woe be to them and woe be to them again.

Then on this website set up by the Ma'ribee Lovers, the fitnah increased and the slandering and backbiting grew and it became a pastime on that board, and this was with the involvement of the administrator(s), and it reached a level where members who had joined innocently, thinking that this website will be of benefit, demanded that their accounts be removed and that they wished no longer to be part of this website and its forum and the cess-pit it had turned into.

A few days later all the threads attacking some specific Salafee brothers have all disappeared, and after the grand orgies of backbiting that were all aimed at defending al-Ma'ribee, the adminstrator(s) deceptively put out an admin notice, pretending to be innocent of the orgies of backbiting that had taken place previously. This forum in question was set up to  serve the Innovator of Ma'rib, for whose sake they have resorted to these activities. And in doing so, they have invited their half-brothers from amongst the Qutubiyyeen, Surooriyyeen and others, to make further attacks upon the good Salafees. And all of this in just a short period of a few weeks. There was no knowledge, or qawaa'id or usool or any manhaj on that forum, just wild orgies of defence and flattery of the Ikhwaanee Innovator who led them to this humiliating condition, and who robbed them of whatever little Salafiyyah they had, and he is probably sat (along with Adnaan Ar'oor and Maghraawee and ash-Shayijee) laughing at them, because what he intended for the da'wah of Ahl us-Sunnah (just like his other Ikhwaanee friends), then he has achieved some of it, and these fools who are following him, then their antics are his proof of it.

We are convinced that a fair share of them are upon baatil, knowing that they are upon baatil, but it is just their hawaa that makes them behave like this. May Allaah bring them to justice with His wisdom. And may He save and deliver them from making Ittibaa' of this Taaghoot of Ma'rib.

Al-Fatanee, the author of Majma? Bihaar al-Anwaar fil-Lugha, quoting from al-Kirmaanee, said concerning taaghoot, ??and it is every head of misguidance, or a magician (saahir), or a soothsayer (kaahin) ?? (3/453).

And al-Qurtubee said in his tafseer (3/283), ?Al-Jawharee said, ?And at-Taaghoot is a soothsayer (kaahin) and the Shaytaan, and every head of misguidance?.?

And Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen ? rahimahullaah said in Usool uth-Thalaathah, ?And what is intended by ma?bood, matboo? and mutaa? are those other than the Righteous people. As for the Righteous people, then they are not considered tawaagheet (pl. of taaghoot), even if they are worshipped, or followed, or obeyed. Hence, the idols (asnaam) which are worshipped besides Allaah, they are tawaagheet, and likewise, the evil scholars who call to misguidance, and to kufr or who call to innovation, or to making lawful that which Allaah has made unlawful or to making unlawful that which Allaah has made lawful, they are all tawaagheet.?

And quite a fair share of the great Scholars of today have made tabdee' of this man and declared him Innovator, a caller to misguidance and some of them called him a "shaytaan". Thus he enters amongst the Tawaagheet, wal-'Iyaadhu Billaah, from misguidance after guidance.

May Allaah protect the Salafees from the fitan of this Taaghoot and his followers.


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