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06-03-2003 @ 6:01 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.  My question is regarding 'lying'.  I know that it is allowed to lie in some cases.  However, a while ago i was presented with a dilemma.  My husband was undergoing a conflict with my family...including my mother.  One day she telephone me and said that she was going to pay me a visit.  Although my husband had not banned her from my home, the conversation on the phone indicated that she was going to say things which might confuse me and cause fitnah between me and my husband.  I'm not saying that there was going to be no truth in what she would have said, however, this still may have caused trouble between me and my husband.  I could not tell her this, as we (my brothers and sisters and I) have been brought up in a way in which we find it virtually impossible to say anything whatsoever controversial to my mother. This would have ended up in her being immensly upset (she's already seriously ill)  So i left the house.  When i returned later, she phoned me to ask what had happened, and i said that a friend had phoned and had needed me to urgently go to hospital with her.  Please shed some light on this dilemma. Was it allowed for me to lie in this situation? May Allah reward you. Wassalaam.

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