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Posted By Topic: Short Biography of Shaykh Dr. Abdullah al-Bukhaaree hafidhahullah

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Please click the below link for some more details regarding the Shaykh including the praise for him by the Ulema'.

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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)
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All the praises belong to Allah alone and may the peace and blessings be upon His Noble Prophet

The following is a summary translation taken from

Below is a much summarized list of the studies of Sheikh Abdullah Bukari

May Allah have mercy upon his teachers whom have passed away and preserve his teachers whom remain alive and may Allah preserve Sheikh Abdullah Bukari

His studies

Science of Quran and tajweed

1 Sheikh Muhammad Ramadan Ad Dahlawi

2 Sheikh Al Mudakiq

3 Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Karem

4 Sheikh Muhammad Al Mursi

In addition to the rules of recitation he also learned Arabic grammar and handwriting from the Sheikh

5 Sheikh Al Muamar Bakry

Sheikh Bukari received ijaazah in the Quran from the Sheikh and also a comprehensive ijaazah from what the Sheikh learned from his Sheikh Sheikh  Muhammad Salim Al Hiwaani

6 Sheikh Ahmad Al Qaadi

And other than them

As for the other sciences

1 The Sheikh the Scholar the adviser Sheikh Muhammad Aman Al Jami
Sheikh Bukari clung to the Sheikh for ten years and studied many books from him in the sciences of Aqeedah and Hadith and he received ijaazah from the Sheikh

From the books he learned from the Sheikh

Science of Aqeedah

The three principles
The four principles
The book of Tawheed
The explanation of the book of Tawheed
The coolness of the eyes for the people of Tawheed  
Tajreed Tawheed
The middle creed  
Al Hamawiya
At Tadmariyah
The explanation of At Tahawi  
Al Qawaiq Al Muthna

Science of Arabic

Qatar Nida
Al Ajoorumiyah

Science of Fiqh

Nil Al Otar
Zadi Al Maad
The fast

Science of Hadith

Sahih Bukari
Umdatal Ahkam

And other books also

2 Our Sheikh the Noble Scholar Sheikh Abdul Mushin Al Abaad may Allah preserve him

To be continued inshaAllah

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Bismillah walhamdulillah was salaatu wassalaamu alaa rasoolullah wa ba'ad,

Here is a short biography of Ash-Shaykh Dr. Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree primarily based on the introduction that is found on the tape "The Salafees' Emulation of the Prophet's Noble Character". I advise everyone to click on that link and buy the highly beneficial lecture as an mp3.

His full name is Aboo Usaamah Abdullaah Ibn Abdur-Raheem al-Bukhaaree.

The Shaykh is in his forties and is one of the eminent students of Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbaad hafidhahullah. He has studied for atleast 18 years with the Shaykh. He also spent many years with Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaamee rahimahullah and is quite well-known to the Ulemah of Ahlul Athar.

The Shaykh teaches at the Islaamic University of Madeenah. He has travelled for the sake of Da'wah to many countries including France, Ghana, Indonesia and Kuwait.

Amongst his contributions to the da'wah is that he has written an excellent treatise against the Haddaadiyyah. He has also written treatises refuting the likes of Abul Hasan al-Ma'ribi(may Allah rectify his and our affairs) and those who have Tamyee. He is one of the mashaykh who posts regularly on the sahab forums. His beneficial posts can be accessed by clicking

May Allah protect the Shaykh and increase him in the fiqh of the deen and ilm-nafi and enable us to benefit from it. Aameen.

WAllahu Ta'aala Aalam.

others who have more knowledge should add onto this and correct any mistakes in this short biography. BaarakAllahu feekum.

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