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Posted By Topic: Advice on teaching the children.

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06-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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As salaamu alaikum,  I am faced with a situation that I need detailed information about. I dont agree with the information that my child is learning at her Muslim school. I want to know at what point do we begin to teach our children about the mesopatamians and ancient egypt and other parts of ancient world history or is it even appropriate for them to learn it before they have a firm understandance and foundation in Islaam first. How do the scholors advise us to teach our children? Some people argue that the scholors were knowledgable in Islaam and in secular education but at what point did they learn this information? It is important for me to know this information because I plan on homeschooling next year insha allah but I want to preparemyself with the correct knowledge to teach my children, Islaamic first but also secular.

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As Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

I am also interested in any advice the 'ulaamah can give on this subject.  I am homeschooling my children with the same history curriculum dealing with ancient history, however, we are using a online charter school.  We do islaamic studies as well, although the school does not credit us with it, not that we care if they did or not, but we made that the priority since I am control with what they are taught.  Anyway, I would like to also know how much of this secular education, particularly, history, and even english literature  that I should spend teaching my children as they are very young and I don't want to waste precious time with secular studies when they can be learning more about islaam.

Barakallaahu feekum..
Was Salaams.

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Asalamu aleykum wa rehmatullah my dear sisters in Islaam
Alhamdulillah there has been a little guidance offered regarding the teaching of children.  
The following info may help you, go to discussion room, Tazkiyah, Tarbiyah, Akhlaaq and Sulook, then into, Children's Education by Shaykh Muqbil's Daughter.  You may already have followed this track.
If not, it is a track worth following i.e.  locating the lecture by the sister Umm Abdulillah and indeed locating any other sisters in the toronto area who can ask her about this ongoing question InshAllah.
I will post it and InshAllah we will be guided to what will benefit us.

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