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Posted By Topic: A sister with Thining hair

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07-10-2004 @ 3:30 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm A'ishah Hasna N Bint F. O'Neil (USA)
Posts: 17
Joined: Jul 2004
As Salamu Alaikum
There is a sister with an issue, below you will find the issue. She needs some correct advice.

I have very thin hair and it look almost bald from the front. it is really taking away from my beauty and i am still young in my thirties and want to look good infront of my husband. i tried all types of medication, from drops, pills, shots, shampoos, special treatments in salons, everything, and nothing worked. i know getting a wig and extensions are forbidden. however i want to know if it is allowed for me to get some natural hair of my type planted. my hair is really bad, and noticable. please if any can provide her with an answer that is of the shariah inshallah.

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