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Posted By Topic: need info on tahqeeq of al Mawqidhah by 'Abdil Fattaah Aboo Ghuddah

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As-Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaah

Shaykh Al-Albaanee refuted him (Abdul-Fattaah Abu Ghuddah) thoroughly almost 30 years ago in His book:

"Kashf An-Niqaab" Which I think is unavailable today also the publisher was ommitted when it was published in 1975.

Shaykh Rabee' Ibn Haadee also refuted him in the field of hadeeth in His book titled: "Taqseem Al-Hadeeth" published by Maktabatul-Ghurabaa' Al-Aathareeyah in 1997.

Abu-Ghuddah was born in the city of Aleppo in the north of Syria in the year 1917 he died in the year 1997.   He studied in Cairo in the school of Shari'ah between 1944 and 1948 in psychology and principles of education, faculty of Arabic language, and graduated from Al-Azhar in 1950. He taught at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University in Riyadh during the years 1965-1988.

He was always at odds with the salafi Shaykhs in Syria especially Shaykh Al-Albaanee & His Students. He called to madhabism and to tawassul thru the dead. He had many books on such subjects. He was also a member of the Ikhwaanul-Muslimoon movement.

His most notable teachers were:

Shaykh Mahmood Shaltoot an egyptian who was the head scholar of al-azhar university who was refuted by Shaykh Alee Al-Halabee in in his book titled:, "Al-Fataawaa Al-Muhamaat Lish-Shaykh Muhammad Shaltoot Fil-Aqaa'id Wal-Ghaibeeyaat Wal-Bid'a wal-Munkaraat" published by daar Ibnul-Jawzee in 1992.

Also Hasan Al-Banna who is in no need of introduction as he was the founder of the Ikhwaan movement.

His Most notable Teacher was Muhammad Zahid ibn Hasan al-Kawthari al-Hanafi al-Ash`ari (1296-1371),  Who Is a Well known Heretic (Mubtad'i).

Al-Albaanee has refuted him as well in many of his books specially in the book of Al-Mu'allamee titled: "At-Tankeel" published in two volumes where Shaykh Al-Albaanee added many beneficial notes. published in the 1980's by maktab al-islaamee. Al-Kawtharee accused Anas bin Maalik (Radhi allaahu Anhu), with senility and feeble-mindedness, because he related ahaadeeth that contradict the madhhab of Abu Haneefah! And worse than this is that he tried to make a fabricated hadeeth authentic, because it implied the tidings of Abu Haneefah ....and our beloved friend wrote a refutation of him (and it is called "bayaan talbees al-Muftaree Muhammad Zaahid al-Kawtharee" as occurs in "Fath al-Mulk al-'Alee" [page 119] where it says, "the introduction was completed in one volume"!!), in which he collected his scholarly errors, and his self-contradictions that arose from his hateful partisanship."  and this has been said by his own students.!!!!! He also Declared Ibn Taymeeyah A Kaafir.

So with that said I do not recommend this book of Abu Ghuddah Nor any other books by his contemporaries like: Hassan Ibn Alee As-Saqqaaf (refuted By Alee Al-Halabee), Abdullaah Al-Ghumaaree, Salaah As-Saawee (Refuted By Saleem Al-Hilaalee), Muhammad Sa'eed Ramadaan Al-Bootee (Refuted By Al-Albaanee), Habeebur-Rahmaan Al-Athamee (Refuted By Saleem Al-Hilaalee) and others like them for they are known to be in opposition to ahlus-sunnah regardless of how popular they may be.

And Allaah Knows Best

Ibrahim Al-Koobee

إبراهيم الكوبي الأثري ابو إسماعيل
Ibrahim Al-Koobee Al-Atharee

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