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This category has been added so that some of the students of knowledge present here can post advice, guidelines, resources etc. on the following:

a) the manners of the students of knowledge
b) adaab with the scholars
c) specific guidelines and tips in being upon the path of knowledge
d) indicating pitfalls, harms in the path of knowledge
e) barriers to the path of knowledge
f) priorities in the path of knowledge

and any other matters that would help members of this board to receive good guidance in this subject.

Additionally, we must stipulate that if possible, those who post in this category should bring as much as they can from the Salaf and especially from the books specific to this subject such as Jaami' Bayaan ul-Ilm Wa Fadlihi, and some of the books of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (Kitaab ul-Ilm) and books of this nature.

And may the reward of Allaah be with everyone who posts here seeking to facilitate the seeking of knowledge for their brother and sister Muslims.

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