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Posted By Topic: Said bin Ali bin Wahaf Al-Qahtani

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no problem (netherlands)
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Does anyone know where I can find a biography of Saeed bin Wahf al-Qahtani the author of hisnul muslim. what did the scholars say about him?

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Ibn Khan Ubaid Ur Rehman bin Abdul Aziz Khan (Dubai United Arab Emirates)
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As far as saeed bin ali bin wahf al qahtani, he is know to be a senior students of sheikh Abdul aziz bin baaz and I have only know good from him and as far as im aware scholars have not warned against him. He is the author of many booklets like hisnul muslim

But ikhwaani be aware of another Saeed al qahtani! Yes he is Saeed bin musifr al qahtani
ıııı ıı ıııı ıııııııı

He really is a deviated person and has been refuted by sheikh ubaid and sheikh muqbil and other from the kibaar and he is know to be a ikhwaani hizbee and he has openly warned against Al Allamah rabee bin hadee al madkhlai hafidahullah

so beware there are two saeed al qahtani

The author of hisnul muslim and the other is an ikhwaani qassas about whom u can read more here

Apart from this there is muhammad saeed al qahtani as well
but t answer dadelboom saeed bin wahf al qahtani the author of hisnul muslim is upon khair inshahAllah and Allah knows best.

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