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Posted By Topic: Recommeneded Books for Guidance to Salafiyyah

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Damilola Sadiq ibn Owodunni (Lagos, Nigeria || Eastern Province, KSA)
Posts: 338
Joined: Jul 2007
  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام علي رسوله الكريم
وعلى آله وأصحابه اجمعين

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته إخوتي

al-Hamdulillaah for His guiding us to Islaam and the Sunnah. Indeed it is not by our might nor by our power but by Allah's Fadl, Bounty, Ni'mah and Mercy. Allah says:

{ هذا من فضل ربي ليبلوني ءأشكر أم أكفر ومن شكر فإنما يشكر لنفسه ومن كفر فإن ربي غني كريم}

"This is by the Grace of my Lord - to test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful! And whoever is grateful, truly, his gratitude is for (the good of) his own self; and whoever is ungrateful, (he is ungrateful only for the loss of his own self). Certainly my Lord is Rich (Free of all needs), Bountiful." [an-Naml 27 verse 40]

And from our giving thanks and being grateful to Allah for this guidance is showing and explaining to others what Allah has guided us to - True Islam, the Path of the Righteous Salaf, as-Salafiyyah.

I would thus like to request for advice from the brothers regarding names of books, articles, audio etc which (from the brothers' experience,) have been especially effective in turning & guiding practicing Muslims (i.e. those who may pray, and have some love for the deen but not yet upon Salafiyyah) to the way of the Salaf.

I would also appreciate a similar list of books etc for those who may not even pray.

We ask Allah that He makes us of those who guide others to His True Deen and that He makes us and them and the Muslims in general even firmer upon this path. انه ولي ذلك والقادر عليه.

جزاكم الله خيرا وبارك الله فيكم.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته اخي

JazaakAllaah khayr for bringing up this excellent topic. Alhamdulillaah for guidance to Islaam and the Sunnah.

It's very difficult to pick out a few books/articles, etc. because mashaa'Allaah tabaarakAllaah there are so many Salafee websites, books and audios.

I remember one of the first articles that was mashaa'Allaah really very beneficial was regarding Allaah's Names and Attributes. That was perhaps the first time I had seen a detailed discussion about that important subject otherwise the [url=]Tablighees/Deobandees[/url] don't even talk about these issues of [url=]aqeedah[/url]. That's how I came to know about [url=][/url] which I believe is one of the knowledge-base website that most english-speaking Salafees have researched.

I also remember at that time because of listening to [url=]Dr. Zakir Naik[/url], I was very much interested in giving Da'wah. And one of the book title that I found interesting was [url=]The Methodology of the Prophets in Calling to Allaah[/url]. May Allaah reward [url=]Shaykh Rabee' hafidhahullaah[/url] - reading that book had a tremendous impact upon me. And alhamdulillaah, I came to know the great importance of [url=]Tawheed[/url] and the deviations of sects like [url=]Ikhwaan ul Muslimeen[/url] and [url=]Jamat-e-Islami[/url].

Then I got my hands on the excellent book [url=]Foundations of the Sunnah[/url]. Alhamdulillaah, I learnt the Usool that the Salaf were upon regarding many of the issues and I also came to know about the mistakes of the [url=]Khawaarij[/url] like [url=]Osama Bin Laden[/url] and the mistakes of those who have [url=]Tamyee'[/url].

Around that time there was a pdf on [url=][/url] or one of the websites which had Br. Abu Khadeejah's refutation of Dr. Bilaal Philips' article 'Reply to Critics'. I found that very beneficial. Infact, I had read Dr. Philips' article a few years before that and at that time I didn't know who [url=]Br. Abu Khadeejah hafidhahullaah[/url] was. I used to think why do people criticize "Shaykh" Bilal?! Astaghfirullah. When I read Br. Abu Khadeejah's 2nd reply which consisted of statements of [url=]Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree hafidhahullaah[/url], alhamdulillaah I got more knowledge of some more usool of the Salafee [url=]Manhaj[/url] and the importance of knowing and being close to the [url=]Ulema'[/url] rather than the independent speakers. I can't find that pdf now but [url=]this link[/url] has pretty much similar information.

Some of the other websites from which I benefited a lot during that time were [url=][/url], [url=]therighteouspath[/url] and [url=][/url].

والله أعلم. Alhamdulillaah for guidance to Islaam and the Sunnah.

All that is good in this post is from Allaah and all mistakes are from Shaitaan and myself.

و صلى الله على نبينا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين
سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك أشهد أن لا إله إلا أنتأستغفرك وأتوب إليك

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Damilola Sadiq ibn Owodunni (Lagos, Nigeria || Eastern Province, KSA)
Posts: 338
Joined: Jul 2007
JazaakAllahu khayraa for your reply akhee. I thought I should also mention a few resources that would be insha'Allah beneficial:

- Shaykh al-Albaanee's book: "the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam's Prayer Described" - I beleive the introduction is a very good explanation of one of the principles of the Salafi Manhaj - following the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam and leaving every other opinion that opposes the Sunnah. Besides this, it helps us correct our prayer which is the second pillar of our religion.

- The book of Shaykh 'Abdus-Salaam as-Suhaymee (may Allah preserve him): "Kun Salafiyyan 'ala al-Jaaddah" The Shaykh is currently reading it and giving some explanation at the Qiblatain Summer Dawrah and after browsing through it, I think it is a very good book through which one who seeks the truth would insha'Allah easily see that the Salafi Da'wah is True Islam. It's obviously in Arabic but I don' know if it has been translated. If it has, I would appreciate information on how to get a copy and if it has not, then may Allah reward the one who goes ahead to translate this book that insha'Allah has the potential to guide many to Salafiyyah.

And like brother Sajid mentioned, the well known salafi websites especially those that have mailing lists. Inviting others to these lists would insha'Allah give them access (i.e. via e-mail) to salafi articles which they may not come across otherwise. For example, the Troid mailing list, may Allah reward the brothers.


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Aboo Haaroon Husayn Ahmad ibn Jamal (West Palm Beach, FL USA)
Posts: 141
Joined: Jul 2005
وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

I suggest for those who do not pray or who may be beginning in Islaam, to read:

Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles of Islaam
By: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen

Alhamdulillaah, the book is very easy to read and understand for those who are new to practicing Islaam and also beneficial for those who have been practicing for a long time.

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Damilola Sadiq ibn Owodunni (Lagos, Nigeria || Eastern Province, KSA)
Posts: 338
Joined: Jul 2007
ııı ıııı,

I think the new book by the Noble Shaykh, Dr. Muhammad ibn 'Umar Baazmool ıııı ıııı and translated by our Noble brother, Hasan as-Soomaalee (published by Sunnah Publishing - ııııı ıııı ııı ıııı) contains much that would insha'Allaah clarify to the truth-seeker the truth about Salafiyyah and that it is Saved Sect and Victorious Group as the Prophet ııı ıııı ıııı ıııı described. The name of the book is quite descriptive of its contents: "The Salafi Methodology: Its Definition, Distinct Characteristics and its Call towards Rectification"

See also [url=]this link[/url] for the table of contents of the book (which shows how much beneficial knowledge is contained there in) and the Shaykh's permission for the book to be translated and published.

It can be ordered from [url=]the Sunnah Publishing store[/url]

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