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Posted By Topic: New Muslim Narrowly Avoids Sufism Alhamdulillah (UK)

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Abu Fatimah al engleezi (sheffield; United Kingdom)
Posts: 172
Joined: Jun 2009
Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmah Tullahi wa Barakatuhu

My name is Dawud and alhamdulillah I am a 22 year old revert to Islam and am a native to England. I am studying to become a journalist inshallah t'ala and I took my shahada one year ago alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin.

After finding Islam subhanAllah I wanted to find out more (I found Islam in Mrocco and came back to england and wanted to learn the deen and take shahada).

Unfortunately I only ofund sufism and being in complete ignorance I took in what they were saying and visited their "sheik" nazim in cyprus and leraned about their version of "Islam".

I reached the point where I just couldn't accept what they were trying to teach me and to be honest it was pretty much brainwashing. Whenever I showed concern at whethere they were the right sect for me they'd say "oh dont worry about sects, Allah guided you to su so forget everyone else" and if I wanted to go to a "normal" non sufi masjid or visit a muslim country they'd tell me all about these horrible "wahabi" I had to avoid likethe plague.

Anyways alhamdulillah Allah had better plans for me but I am concerned for glastonbury. It is a very pagan spiritual town. People flock here for spirituality and find bhuddism, hinduism, goddess worship, their is witchcraft shops all the way up the high street (I kid you not) but if someone comes to learn haq, the only "Islam" they find is extermely deviated (even by sufi standards).

After a year of brainwashing I managed to "deprogramme" myself by learning what the qur'an and sunnah says rather than what their magical mystical sheik says (who claims to be able to communicate with Allah and find out whethere people shoudl get married and if people shoudl go to univeristy and many other things, maybe they have heard of istikara and he also "sends" their prayers to Allah because they think we cant pray directly to Allah based on the "evidence" that if I go to buckingham palace I cant go directly to see the queen and have to go through someone else) and I have learned all about aqeedah and tawheed and the important principles of Islam and subhanAllah it was exactly what I signed up for when I took shahada and now if Allah permits I will make it my mission inshallah to set up a masjid in Glastobury for the salafi and eradicate the sufism through dawah and domination of the Islamic scene in Glastonbury. May Allah save us from teh evils of bid'ah and shirk and guide to the truth with certainty and conviction.

My question is, is there a "head office" for salafi? I need to discuss funding and various things and esatblish a link with the ahlus sunnah wal Jama'ah. I have already set up a Jumu'ah by the blesssing of Allah and its in the upstairs of a kebab tale away but I need to expand and get a permanent imam inshallah as the brother who takes it used to be shia and alhamdulillah came to the true path of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) and learned his deen but is not trained to be an imam. MashAllah he gives great qutbah's and leads the Jumu'ah well but we need somethign permanent inshallah as he's planning to go to uni in august.

Only 5 brothers attended on the first week and subhanAllah it grew to 15 teh second week and inshallah may it grow again tommorrow but these brothers do not pray and are neglecting their deen so we really need to build this community up inshallah. they have the enthusiasm for Islam still so it needs a masjid and imam to make dawah.

I need to know which authority to speak to to get a salafi masjid because I went to bristool to Al basyra and they were teaching Muhammed ibn Abdul Wahhab and dont follow madhabs and said they followed salafi Islam so I dream of having a masjid liek this to bring dawah to the rural area of somerset (currently only one masjid in Yeovil is available and its a deobandi masjid).

Id also like to know what other salafi masajid are available in england so that inshallah I can visit and leran and meet like minded brothers. Inshallah Im planning to marry a somalian girl from sheffield just before ramadahn so woudl liek to teach her salafi Islam so if there is  masjid tehre and also where else in england so I can visit and make sajdah with these brothers and find more about salafi islam.

Jazak Allahu Kahir

Assalamu Alykum wa Rahmah Tullahi wa Barakatuhu

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Umm Abdul Wahhaab Sahar bint Said (London, UK)
Posts: 57
Joined: Dec 2007
Wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmutallahi wa barakatuh,

All Praises to the One who guided you and guided us all. May He keep us firm upon the deen Insha'Allaah. And allow us all to die upon Salafiyyah, Ameen.

I advise you to look at these previous threads, Insha'Allaah they are of some help:

also some websites of organisations in the UK:

Ukhtikum fid-deen wa amatullah.

Umm AbdulWahhab Sahar bint Said

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
Posts: 2031
Joined: Jul 2005
Baarakallahu feekum brother. May Allah increase you in beneficial knowledge and righteous deeds and make you firm upon Salafiyyah. Here is a website where you can find the information regarding various Salafee Centers or Masjids in UK

May Allah aid the Salafee Dawah in Glastonbury and all over the world. Aameen.

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Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006
As-Salaamu AlaiKum,

Brother Dawud, I would recomend that you visit the Salafi Bookstore (and Masjid) in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Salafi Publications in based here and al-hamdulillah, they publish a vast amount of Authentic Islamic Information and Literature within the English Language.

These include an array of FREE Dawah Leaflets and Phamphlets.
Dawah Audio (targetted towards both Non-Muslims and Muslims is also Freely available, (al-hamdulillah - All Praise is due to Allah, Who has made this possible).

The Address is,

Masjid As-Salafi,
Wright Street,
Small Heath,
B10 0UG

Tel: (0121) 773-0033

Some other places of interest around the British Isles include,
(the following information may not be complete, but inshallah it is a good start)...


Masjid Noor,
17 Maria Street,
CF10 5HG

Tel: (029) 2022-5044


Masjid as-Sunnah Hounslow,
(HMCC - Heathrow Muslim Community Centre)
654 Bath Road,

Tel: (020) 87-599-578


Markaz as-Salafi,
(Salafi Centre),
2 Dudley Street,
Cheetham Hill,
M8 9DA

Tel: (0161) 70-80-417


al-Baseera Bristol Centre & Masjid,
20 Wade Street,
St Judes,

Tel: (0117) 941 3331


Masjid al-Huda,
The Citadel,
Bella Street,

Tel: (01204) 651-849
Mob: 0786 329 3046


Masjid Al-Furqan,
105 Roundwell Street,
Stoke on Trent,

(The Masjid is above the Olive Tree Bookstore and Advice Centre)

Tel 1: (07974) 240-964 (Brother Naeem)
Tel 2: (07877) 839-801 (Brother Risalat)


Markaz Mu'aadh ibn Jabal,
398 Montrose Avenue,

Tel: (01753) 69-61-22


Al-Baseerah Dawah Centre & Salafi Bookstore,
147 Lumb Lane,

(near the zebra-crossing)

Tel: (01274) 395-007

Al-hamdulillah, there is a Salafi Masjid in Bury, and also another in Sheffield.
And there are centres also, such as Dar al iman (in Wembley/North-West London) and
al-athariyyah in Forest Gate (East London).

Active Dawah work is also taking place in many other towns and cities up and down the UK al-hamdulillah, including cities such as Gloucester, Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Glasgow, Preston, Middlesborough, Blackburn, Rochdale, Reading, etc.

And All Success is with Allah.

Subhaanaka Allaahumma wa bihamdika, ash-hadu an-laa ilaa'ha illa Anta, Astagh'firuka wa atoobu ilayk
(Glory is to You, O Allah, and All praise is to You. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but You (alone). I seek Your forgiveness and repent to You).

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Abu Fatimah al engleezi (sheffield; United Kingdom)
Posts: 172
Joined: Jun 2009
Jazak Allahu Khair Ikhwan

Alhadulillah I have come a long way since this post. Inshallah I am going to the conference in birmingham this weekend and have good connections and links with the salafi community now and have much material to learn about the manhaj.

Alhamdulillah we get over 30 people in teh masjid every week now and I am in good contact with al basyra masjid in Britsol and am planning to get good contact with them (they are salafi brothers alhamdulilah) and I get so much saddiqua each week in my masjid that I am able to rent out a bigger room in teh middle of town and have money left over for building a salafi community in teh south west. I am estbalishing a charity inshallah called south west salafi dawah and it will be focused on calling people to al basyra and building a strong network of salafi communities in the south west region. We plan to build strong ties with al basyra inshallah and I am getting a website up togther inshallah and as soon as I have more I will post it here.

Brother Owais gave an amazing lecture in al basyra for the last few weeks.

I think inshallah we need a webiste that is like a central hub that links to all the salafi commuinities and resources in the UK (and internationakl links aswell maybe?) we need to organise things. Is anybody up for helping me with this? the al baseerah web link someone posted was excellent, it made me think that we really need to co ordinate things and make sure all salafi in teh UK are able to join the growing community and have access to all the resources with easy access to finding masajid where ever they are in the UK. Im thinking big so anyone interested let meknow inshallah and we'll get somethign organised.

Jazak Allahu Khair Ikhwan

Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmah Tullahi Wa Barakatuhu

29-08-2009 @ 7:08 PM    Notify Admin about this post
ummLuqmaan Amina bint Muhammad (Sheffield,UK)
Posts: 19
Joined: Aug 2005
salaamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
Currently we dont have any masjids upon the clear salafi manhaj in Sheffield, some of the masjids are upon sufism and others are followers of Muhammad Saroor and have connections with Almuntada alislamia ( are however, brothers setting up a centre in the Pitsmoor area of Sheffield, (1.5 miles from the city centre) to my knowledge some of these brothers are upon the correct minhaj. there are 2 other masjids who are not very clear with their manhaj, they are  Masjid Taqwa and Masjid Al Khayr and they are masjids the salafi brothers use for prayers as what appears from these masjids is the closest to the way of the salaf, but both invite various speakers whom are known to be people of innovation and  hizbiyyah Allah subhanawatalaah knows best.

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