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Posted By Topic: Do not be deceived by the apparent recantation of the people of innovation

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Abu 'Abdillaah Zubayr bin Mohammad (Ash-Shariqah, U.A.E.)
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In the name of Allah, the Most-Gracious, the Most-Merciful

Shaykh Abu Nasir Muhammad bin 'Abdallah Al Imam (MAPH) in his book 'Beginning of Deviation and its Ending' Aathar San'aa Al Oolaa, Year 2007:

Do not be deceived by the apparent recantation of the people of innovation

"Verily when the people of innovation see people despising them and feel the downfall from their status or that they will be met with injury by imprisonment or exile or its like, some of them in this case  apparently recant from their innovation while being untruthful. And to give an example: Ghaylaan Ad-Dimashqee apparently recanted from his innovation of 'Al Qadr' in the Caliphate of 'Umar bin 'Abd Al 'Aziz and thereafter returned to calling towards it until he was killed in the reign of Hashim bin 'Abd Al Maalik.

And here is Ayyuub As-Sakhtiyaanee saying: once a man held a certain opinion then recanted from it, so I came to Mohammad bin Sireen being glad with that and informed him saying: 'Did you feel that 'fulan' has left his opinion which he used to hold upon?' So he said: 'look to what he turns to, verily the last of the narration is more severe on them from its first; its first being: (they pass through from the religion) and its last being: (then they do not return).'

So Verily the people of innovation are cheaters, (deceivers, deluders, beguilers, misleaders, frauds, swindlers, rooks, double-crossers, tricksters), (sly, cunning, wily, crafty, scheming, foxy, vulpine) So if one of them comes out repenting what is required is consideration into the judgemental regulations connected to acceptance of repentance adopted by the people of knowledge.
So how many are those who apparently repented with a truthful repentance and returned to the truth so Allah elevated them and Ahl As-Sunnah embraced them, and defended them; for example: Recantation of Abi Al Hasan Al Ash'ary who was truthful in recanting with his proof as announcement of  his repentance and authoring criticism on what he was upon  as victory to the truth, abandoning his innovation as is well known." -Ended with its words-
Abu Faris As-Salafee

Taken From:
Translated into English by
Zubayr Abbasi

Abu 'Abdillah Az-Zubayr bin Mohammad Bin Husayn Aal 'Abbas.

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Al-Hasan bin Shaqeeq said: We were with Ibnul-Mubaarak when a man came to him.
So he (Ibnul-Mubaarak) said to him: "are you that jahmee!"
He said: "Yes."
He said: "When you leave from me then do not come back to me!"
So the man said: "But I have repented."
He said: "No, not until there appears from your repentance the like of that which appeared from your bid'ah!"

[Ash-Sharhu wal-Ibaanah of Ibn Battah (#150)]

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