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» Shiekh Ibn Baaz praises Sayd Qutub??
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Posted By Topic: Shiekh Ibn Baaz praises Sayd Qutub??

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Um Umaara Huda Bint Hussein (London)
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I currently have a Quran teacher who taught us from the books of Sayd Qutub(the quranic tafseer), until we told him that many prominent scholars have refuted him, that his aqeedah is incorrect and that he's among the innovators. Since then he has stopped teaching us from his books, but insists on defending him, he brought quotes from our respected scholars Shiekh Ibn Baaz(rahimallah) and also one from Albani (rahimallah) praising Sayd Qutub. I am sure the quotes that he has used have been formally cancelled by these scholars but if anybody knows any up to date quotes or texts by any of these scholars, that would be great,


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'AbdAllah ibn Ismaa'eel (Sweden)
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Wa 'alaykumussalaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

From what I know, al-Albaanis and Ibn Baaz praising of Sayyid Qutb was before his serious mistakes were brought to light by Shaykh Rabee' and both of the shuyookh refuted him afterwards and they did not praise him for anything after that. This link might help you:


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