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Posted By Topic: women embracing islam and kufar husbands

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Abu Zubaydah Yusuf al Amriki (toronto,ontario canada)
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Embracing Islaam While Having a Non Muslim Husband

As Shaykh Al żAlaamah Muhammad ibn Saalih Al żUthaymeen (رحمه الله)

Question: We face a problem in Islaamic centers while calling non-Muslim women to Islaam. It is the attachment of these women who want to embrace Islaam to their husbands while their husbands do not. It is difficult for them to sacrifice their marriages especially if they have children and their husbands are well mannered, and so their love for their husbands takes precedence. We know that if a woman accepts Islaam it is not permissible for her to stay under the guardianship of a non Muslim man due to the saying of Allaah żAzza wa Jal:

    {They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them.}

[Al Mumtahinah: 10]

So how do we deal with this problem? Is it permissible for us to concentrate on converting them to Islaam and leaving off the rest of the issue?

Answer: All praise is due to Allaah, we asked the noble Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih ibn żUthaymeen this question:

A woman is asking: I would like to embrace Islaam but I have a good husband and I do not want to get separated from him, so what should I do?

Answer: She must get separated from him. However is it possible for her to call him to Islaam saying: "I want to become Muslim but our marriage contract will be nullified unless you embrace Islaam." If she mentions this to him he may agree to become Muslim.

Question: If she accepts Islaam, should she give him Dażwah at home or is she to leave the house?

Answer: If she hopes that he will embrace Islaam, then she should stay in his house until her żIddah period expires.

Question: Is she to veil herself from him during the 'Iddah period or not?

Answer: It is safer that she does not expose herself to him because it is not guaranteed that he will accept Islaam.

Question: How about being alone with him?

Answer: She shouldnżt even be alone with him.

Question: If telling her this would turn her away from Islaam, is it permissible for us to keep the second portion of this answer hidden and say to her: "Embrace Islaam first and then we will tell you about the ruling of staying with you husband later."

Answer: No, and if you did this she may become an apostate, then the problem would be even greater. This is why the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said to żAlee when he sent him to khaybar:

    "Call them to Islaam and inform them of what is obligated upon them from the rights of Allaah in regards to it."

Question: So this woman, if she stays with her husband after she converts to Islaam, she is considered to be performing of a Major sin, correct?

Answer: Yes, but is it permissible to keep practicing fornication?

Question: In summary what should we say to her?

Answer: We say: "Accept Islaam and know that if you become Muslim and your Husband doesnżt then your marriage contract is nullified." Finished.

When speaking to women that go through this issue, you should concentrate on the following points while explaining them fully:
# Giving precedence to the love of Allaah and His messenger over everyone else.

# If she is sincere in calling her husband to Islaam and in performing Dużaa for him, Allaah may guide him through her.

# Whoever leaves something for the pleasure of Allaah, Allaah will replace it with something better than it.

# Allaah will not foresake a slave of His that has sacrificed something that they love for his pleasure.

# Also you should strive to solve the likes of these problems. If a woman embraces Islaam and gets separated from her husband, then a brother should step forward and present himself in order to marry her and unite her with her children or find someone from amongst the wealthy Muslims to provide for her and her children.

We ask Allaah for guidance, success and pertinence, and may the prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad.


Al Mawsoożah: #436

Translated by: Abu żAbdul Waahid, Nadir Ahmad.

السؤال : تواجهنا في المراكز الإسلامية وأثناء دعوة النساء الكافرات إلي الإسلام مشكلة تعلق الزوجة بزوجها الكافر الذي لا يريد أن يسلم ويصعب عليها أن تضحي بزواجها منه وخصوصا عندما يكون بينهما أولاد وزوجها حسن الخلق فيتغلب حبها له ونحن نعلم أن المرأة الكافرة إذا أسلمت لا يجوز لها البقاء في عصمة الرجل الكافر لقوله تعالي : ( لا هن حل لهم ولا هم يحلون لهن ) ( الممتحنة (10) ، فيكـيف نتعامل مع هذه المشكلة ؟ وهل يجوز أن نركز علي إسلامها ونترك باقي الموضوع ؟

الحمد لله ، عرضنا السؤال التالي علي فضيلة الشيخ محمد بن صالح العثيمين : إمرأة تقول : أريد الإسلام وزوجي جيد ولا أريد الإنفصال عنه ، فماذا أفعل ؟

الجواب : لا بد أن تنفصل عنه ، ولكن هل من الممكن أن تدعوه إلي الإسلام ، فتقول : إني أريد أن أسلم فإن أسلمت فقد فسخ العقد إلا أن تسلم ، فلعلها إذا ذكرت هذا له يوافق علي الإسلام .

إذا أسلمت ، فهل تكون في البيت حين دعوته أم تترك البيت ؟

الشيخ : إذا كانت ترجو إسلامه تبقي في البيت حتى تنتهي العدة .

السائل : وهل تكشف عليه أثناء العدة أم لا ؟

الشيخ : الإحتياط أن لا تكشف ، لأنه ليس مؤكدا أنه يوافق .

السائل : ولا الخلوة ؟

الشيخ : ولا الخلوة .

السائل : إذا كان إخبارها هذا قد يصدها عن الإسلام ، فهل يجوز لنا شرعا أن نحجب عنها النصف الثاني من الجواب ، فنقول : أسلمي أولا ثم نجيبك بهد ذلك عن حكم الإستمرار ؟

الشيخ : لا ، لو قلنا هذا ثم أخبرت فارتدت صارت المشكلة أعظم ، ولهذا قال النبي () لعلي بن أبي طالب حين بعثه لأهل خيبر : " أدعهم إلي الإسلام وأخبرهم بما يجب عليهم من حق الله فيه .

السائل : فهذه الآن لو بقيت معه بمعاشرة بعد الإسلام ، فهي صاحبة كبيرة ؟

الشيخ : نعم ، ولكن هل يجوز الإصرار علي الزنا ؟

السائل : ما ملخص ما نجيبها به ؟

الشيخ : نقول لها : اسلمي ، واعلمي أنك إذا أسلمت ولم يسلم زوجك فإنه ينفسخ النكاح ، انتهي .

وينبغي التركيز في الحديث مع النساء اللاتي يتعرضن لهذه القضية علي الأمور التالية مع الشرح المستفيض :

- تقديم محبة الله ورسوله علي محبة كل أحد .

- أنها إذا أخلصت في دعوته والدعاء له فقد يهديه الله علي يديها .

- أن من ترك شيئا لله عوضه الله خيرا منه .

- أن الله لا يضيع عبده الذي ضحي بما يحب من أجله .

- وكذلك أن يسعى في حل مشكلة مثل هذه المرأة إذا أسلمت وانفصلت عن زوجها بأن يتقدم من الإخوة المسلمين من يتزوجها ويضم إليه أولادها أو يوجد من أهل الخير المسلمين من ينفق عليها وعليهم

نسأل الله الهداية والتوفيق والسداد ، وصلي الله علي نبينا محمد

Ibn Taymiyyah said,

"Verily, I constantly renew my Islam until this very day, as up to now, I do not consider myself to have ever been a good Muslim."

[Narrated by Ibn al-Qayyim in 'Madaarij as-Saalikin' ; 1/218]

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Tasnim bint Juan (birmingham)
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as salam alaykum

I wish someone can advice me about women embracing Islam or persons that know that Islam is the truth and they want to be muslim but much of them are married with kafir husbands and kids.

I know the law about this but it might even be a cause for her to hesitate about embracing Islaam or leave Islam.

I know a sister, she embracing Islam some time ago and after that she is still living with her kafir husband and she made dawah to him, now this man is close to become Muslim, in sha Allah.

So, I need advise for how deal with theses cases, in sha Allah, with good manners for convey the message.

Plz advice me....

Baraaka Allahu feekum
ua salam alaykum

Upon a Muslim is to hear and obey, in times of difficulty and in ease, in the disliked things (to which one disapproves of) and in likeable things (to which one shows zeal), and when self-preference is made against him.

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