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Posted By Topic: Incarcerated in Need of Naseehah

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18-01-2004 @ 3:50 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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As Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

I need to post a portion of a letter sent to me by my relative who is incarcerated as he is dealing with some problems and needs naseehah with baseerah wa jazaakumullaahu khayrun. The edited letter follows:

"There is a group of brothers who are salafee and there is the imaam and a few brothers who claim ahlus sunnah with a lot of other brothers who aren't firmly grounded in the aqeedah and who don't really understand the concept of minhaj.

"The imaam comes in from the street on Fridays to lead the jumu'ah and whispers quraan was sunnah while the salafees are boycotting the imaam on claims of him being a deviant, innovator, and one of desires.  The salafees no longer attend jumu'ah, they don't salaam the brothers who remain with the imaam, nor do they mix with them and they scream salafus saalih.  

"When I asked the salafees what makes the imaam and the rest of the muslims who remain with him from the people of bid'ah, ahwa and deviance, they testified that the imaam has made statements to the effect that the 9/11 bombers and their likes are shahidoon and in jannah. That he has spoken good of the likes of Maududi, Qutb, Jibaly, Adly, Zaraboza, etc and bad about Shaykh Al Albaani rahimuhullaahu ta'aalaa.  

"They stop going to jumu'ah because he was using the mimbar to attack them personally.

"The imaam and a couple of his stern supporters claim that the salafees have abandoned the salatul jumu'a, that they curse and condemn the muslims who don't attach themselves to as Salafiyyah, they don't give the muslims their rights because they won't abandon jumu'ah or boycott the imaam all because they (the salafiyoon) were seeking positons of leadership and demanding to give the khutbah on alternation Fridays.

Since, I've been here, {two weeks} I have been establishing the salatul jumu'ah behind this imaam while observing him and the muslims who don't attach themselves to the dawah....I have noticed that the imaam  while claiming ahlus sunnah will say little things that contradicts him being upon this minhaj. He says to the muslims that if you are asked who is your Lord and you respond Allaah, and if you are asked who is it that you worship and you respond Allaah and believe in His Attributes then you have fulfilled or know the three aspects of tawheed.  he once stated that if you miss a spot while performing wudu that it's all right, because to  concern yourself with the certainty that you allowed water to touch every part of the body part wiped over opens the door for shaytaan to make you doubt your wudu and you will be rewarded for your intent to correctly perform the wudu.  He also has a tendency to put emphasis on following quraan was sunnah while at the same time minimizing the importance of the scholars, past and present.

"I have established giving aqeedah classes but the salafees here don't feel that I should be establishing classes with the muslims who follow this imaam...they feel that I'm sending mixed signals to the younger salafees that it's cool to mix and be with them.  They also feel that I am tainting myself by going to the jumu'ah and teaching classes and giving them the dawah.

So the brother asks:

1.  "What is the position of abandoning the jumu'a and salaatul jamaa'aat behind an imaam that is deemed to be an innovator and boycotting him and the muslims who remain with him?"

2.  "Exactly what is the criteria to render a muslim deviant and from the people of bid'ah and ahwaa?

3.  Is it permissable for me to teach muslims the aqeedah and our da'wah in their gatherings?{End of letter}

Lastly, please suggest several books I can send to him related to the principles of the dawatus salafiyyah. I have several tapes on these subject matters but I don't think that the facility allows tapes.

Jazaakumullaahu khayrun was Salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

Umm Tawaam

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