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Posted By Topic: Some naseeha required, insha'Allaah!

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26-11-2003 @ 6:10 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Salaam Alaykum,

I have been informed of a situation which concerns someone who has been known to me for a long period of time, that I hope the brothers and/or the sisters can give me some advice on insha?Allaah. The situation is as follows:

This person is under immense pressure from his/her family who aren?t very kind towards those who call themselves ?Salafi?, they themselves are ignorant of Salafiyyah but attribute themselves to the ?Brelwis?. So this person feels victimised in certain situations, and has to practice Salafiyyah in secret. On top of this, the individual is the oldest in his/her family and is relied upon by his parents, which sometimes can be VERY distressing/annoying to the individual. (To cut a long story short) This person causes self-harm to his/herself by cutting his/herself and letting his/herself bleed for a short space of time, as a form of stress relief. This person has told me that he/she doesn?t wish to do this as he/she knows its wrong, but can?t seem to stop this although it?s not a regular thing. Another contributing factor is that he/she has somewhat of a ?short fuse?.

The reason I am posting this on this site is that I hope that some of the brothers and/or the sisters are able to advise me over this forum on how to be with him/her and what kind of naseeha I can give, and that he/she can see with his/her own eyes the naseeha that is given, as he/she visits this site regularly although not being a member.

I await the response of the brothers and/or the sisters.

BaarakAllaahu Feekum

ابو عبيد طارق خان الختقى
Aboo Ubayd Taariq Khaan Al-Khattakiy

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