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Posted By Topic: Sheikh Muhammad al Jaami's duroos

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Abul Hasan Ali bin Muhammad As Sumaali (Australia)
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Asalamu 3alaykum wara7matulaahi wabarakatuh

i have found a beautiful and beneficial Duroos of Sheikh Muhammad Amaan ibn Ali Al Jaami. This Duroos is based on the books of aqeedah like Kitaab at tawheed, al waasitiyyah, al hamawaiyyah, at tadmuriyyah and at tahawiyyah.

the audios of kitaab at tawheed, they are not in good quality but still benifical. however the rest are in high quality.
we should take advantage of what we have in the internet by way of knowledge.

Here is the link

wasalamu 3alaykum

Abu AbdurRahmaan Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali As Sumaali

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