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Posted By Topic: salafis in malaysia

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bismilah-wasalata-wasalam ala-rasoolilah sallalahu alahi-wasalam

my name is abu abdullah muhammad islam
im american and my wife is malaysian we have a home in kedah.. most of the salafi books ive bought in bahasa meleyu are from indonesia and im curious to know in indonesia what publishers are salafi???????
also in malaysia i bought some books by
1) rasool dahri
2) abdullah qari (from klentan)
3) hajj abdul ghani bin idris( from klentan)
4) ustaz husayn yee

can any one clarify who these men are ????????
are they salafi also i heard of a man called dr jihad from yalla south thailand that he opened a school in pahang is he salafi???????

in pulau penang and perilis ive come in contact with the muhammadiyyah organization my sister in law goes to school in perilis and i prayed salat in masjid negeri and they dont raise ther hands in qunoot at fajr and they dont make zikr loud after salat also they teach from the books of muhammad abdul wahab..
ive heard there are salafis in johor baru ... does any one know where there are salafi masjids in malaysia which are on the manhaj ???? where can i get kuliiyah tapes(islamic lectures in malay???? ill be returning to malaysia soon and id like to know also like to network with the salafis in malaysia to start a daar-hadeeth wal-athat there and start working to translatebooks and tapes in from arabic to malay and about 3 brothers were thinking of establishing a salafi kampung(community village) so if theres any salafis in malaysia id like to hear  from you to network...i havent found any salafis in kedah as of yet most people are either tablighi , pas(ikwaan) or asharee ... actually 2 ramadans ago in penang shaykh ghudaayaan came to masjid bayan baru in penang so i was able to sitt and study with him while he was there
and eid salat i prayed in balig pulau at a muhammadiyyah masjid where they actually prayed outside instead of in the masjid which was nice ...if anyone has some information it would be appreciated

abu abdullah muhammad islam

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assalamualaikum, abuabdullah muhammad islam alhamdulillah for your interest in the condition of the salafi dawah in Malaysia. Can I have your e-mail address or  could you activate your PM. Wassalam

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I visted Malaysia a few years ago and I can tell you that many of the people there that claim salafiyyah , nothing to do with it !

One of them is Husain Yee from KL . He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of al-Madeenah having left there around the late 70's. Some of his colleagues were :

Abdul Hakeem Quick , Bilal Philips and Khidr ( Wright )Lawrence. Names we need to be aware of when we hear them . Similar to his comrade , Mr. Quick , brother Husain claims salafee aqeedah but not their manhaj !

Brother Husain used to be the head of an non-profit organization called al-Khadim , but I am not aware of his present situation .

There is another brother there in KL by the name of Jamaal Baadee al-Leebee ( the Libyan ). He also graduated from the same university with a doctorate. He has written a book ( which was his master's thesis ) entitled: "Wujoobu luzoomil Jamaa'ah" ( The Obligation of Sticking to the Jamaa'ah ). He is also considered salafiyyah but unfortunately he is not !

In Jahur Bahru, there is another brother - Sumaalian - who holds a doctorate in Aqeedah and studied with Shaikh Rabee , if my memory serves correctly his name is Taalib and Allaah knows best .

For the most part , those in Malaysia who claim salafiyyah are in reality hidden Ikhwaanees or jihaadees so...

Buyer beware!

كن مستفيدا أو مفيدا
أو اسكت بحلم

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Jazakallah khairan.  What Aboo Tasneem has said is quite correct.  But we as individuals here in Malaysia are trying our best to stay on the salafi aqidah and manhaj and keep in touch with the ulama kibaar by following the salafi websites likw SP and Troid.  We make du'a to Allah subhanahu wataala to assist us in bringing the salafi dawah to life in Malaysia.  If any of the salafis are coming to Malaysia we would be most happy to hear from you. Wassalam.

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Assalaamu Aleikum

I know a French Salafi Brother in Kuala Lampur. His name is Abu Abd Al'Azeez Abdurrahmaan.
He studied here in France then went to Birmingham (England) to finish his studies.  I think the SP's brothers
know him very well, as they told me when I visited them few years ago.

Wassalaamu Aleikum

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