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Posted By Topic: Abu Usamah Dhahabi Curses Rulers Of Saudi Arabia

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Here is the what Abu Usmamah Adh Dhahabi said word-for-word in a public khutba 2 years ago, 2000 or 2001:

"You are all aware of the astronomical and extortionate amounts we are paying for one gallon of gas - about a dollar 50, 65, 70 cents for a gallon of gas... and that's from their politics and games! What's the point? The point is that Allaah has given the Imaams of the Muslims the great big Iman, this black gold - that if they wanted they could use this gold as a weapon against these infidels and bring them literally to their knees calling - but what do we find the imaams of the muslims doin'? Bickering and fighting amongst themselves, going to the devils and asking the devils to solve their problems, 'What do you wanna do Mr Devil with the stuation' - so we have the states that are in the khaleej or the gulf, Saudi Arabia being the main one.. trying to help the Devil to keep the prices up so that their infrastructure here can get blessed, and then we have the other smaller poorer countries saying, 'NO! let's do something else' - and the people are arguing and fighting amongst themselves - Why?!

Because ALL of them put took the Book of Allaah, tabaraka wa ta'aala, behind their back and they put the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, salallaahu alayhi wasallam, on the side And with all of that there is no point of meeting for those people.. the devils are gonna be coming for them.. 'how we gonna do dis?'..."

More to come, since later on the same tape he states about these countries, why do they not put their hands in the hands of their Arab brothers, 'And I say Arab brothers, not Muslim brothers'!

If I had heard this tape without knowing it was Abu Usamah Adh Dhahabi, wallahi, I would say without doubt that he was a takfiri, jihadi.!

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I have known the evil not because of the evil but to keep away from it

And whoever does not know the good from the evil, he will fall into it.

If the brothers/sisters were to tread this path closely sticking to the Ulamaa rather than open up and speak from themselves it would be better for them and others. But they choose to speak about affairs they have no salaf in them and rather they oppose what the best of people are upon and they cause more harm than good that they speak about Allaah's deen without knowledge. Allaahu Musta'aan. This is a gross error indeed. Alhamdolillaah sheikh al Banna hafidhahu Allaah never spoke ill like this about the rulers in Saudi and he has been here a LONG TIME! mashaallaah. i wish we have time to translate his kallam. Rather as we know from the signs of Ahlu Sunnah is they make dua' for the rulers not insult them. See Sharh Sunnah of Imam Barbaharee. Yakfee inshaallaah.  

Sheikh Rabee', the Imaam of Jarh wa Ta'deel, Sadaqa Al Albaani rahimahullah

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There is a need to explain the shakiness of this man, as he has a history which is like this. His previous mistakes should be known so that the people can see the unstability of this man and the lack of his firmness, and that he is not to be referred to. He not only makes mistakes in usool, like this one, but he is actually a mouthpiece for the manhaj of Abul-Hasan in the West, and he has been promoting this type of manhaj for many years.

If people know his errors and shakiness, they are saved from being put to trial by him as they won't refer to his likes. As for the general people, then it is of a wider benefit that they are aware of the shakiness of this man, and his current state of promoting and defending the manhaj of the Innovators, like Abul-Hasan and the Ikhwanis.

Allah knows best.

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