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Posted By Topic: Shubuhaat concerning Abul-Hasan Al-Misree then Al-Me'ribee

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As Salamu alaikuim

Admin can you please remove this thread so as not to cause any further confusion.


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Noble brother al.Arabaanee. May Allaah reward you for your contribution on this board to date.

In keeping with the manhaj of the Salaf, and in light of the advice of the scholars, we will not be allowing the "shubuhaat" to be presented here if what you mean Abul-Hasan's defence of his own falsehood, and his "explanations" and "justifications", since that opens up a doorway for further confusion, or the defence made by those who support him.

If however, you wish to understand the issues for which he has been refuted and exposed, then there is no harm in asking that. As for the stance of the Jordanians, then their stance is overturned by way of the Jarh Mufassar that has come from a large number of scholars. The only way this Jarh Mufassar is turned away from is if they bring additional knowledge to explain away and refute every single point of criticism levelled against Abul-Hasan. To date, neither they, nor anyone else have done that. Further, their positions on some of the more important issues, such as the issue of khabarul-ahad and also mujmal and mufassal, in relation to Abul-Hasan, and their defence of him, is extremely weak.

If we were to open up this door, then we could open up the same door for Adnaan Ar'oor, Safar and Salman, Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, and many others, all of whom were spoken of with a Jarh Mufassar, which still holds to date. Thus, the students of knowledge on this board are invited to either post articles from the scholars, or to explain the issues for which Abul-Hasan has been criticised, so that this matter can be cleared and understood by the members here.

SalafiTalk.Net Admin

09-27-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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wa alaikumussalam

I understand wa jazaakumullahu khairaa

Abu Abdillah Aburahman Al-Hammaam Al-Arabaanee

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