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Posted By Topic: Removing the Doubts Part 2:Exposing the Talbees and Jahl of Abdul Qaadir the Majnoon of Al-Ma'ribi.

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Removing the Doubts Part 2: Exposing the Talbees and Jahl of the Majnoon of Al-Ma'ribi in the issue of Taqleed

The Shaykh Allaamah Rabee Ibn Haadi said:

?Then let Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah know in truth, not just as a mere claim, that their da'wah is exposed (i.e. open, susceptible) to the People of Tribulations (Fitan) and Desires (Ahwaa), and they do not become tired of (devising) plots, doubts and tribulations [placing them] in the midst of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah and spreading the causes of separation.

And there has emerged a new band (i.e. group), in these (past few) years who have warn the gown of the Sunnah, however they oppose Ahl us-Sunnah in their Usool and their Manhaj and in their application.

And this new band has adopted certain principles in order to stand up against the manhaj of Ahl us-Sunnah and against the fataawa of the Scholars in refuting Innovation and warning from its people. Just as this band has set up principles in order to reject these fataawaa which are based upon the Book and the Sunnah. Such as:

1. "We do not blindly follow anyone, and we are the people of daleel (evidence)"

2. "No one has any guardianship over us, and nor do we have any fatherhoods (over us) and nor any patronships".

2. The claim of "tathabbut", meaning that they reject the verdicts of the scholars and their judgements upon the people of innovation, and warning against them (the innovations) and them (their people), by this claim (of theirs) that they make "tathabbut" (make their own verification), and this is in relation to their other principles that have just been mentioned.?

Let us look closely at their statement:
"We do not blindly follow anyone, and we are the people of daleel (evidence)"
So the Majnoon (If used in this sense it means a person who is strongly and deeply in love) of Al-Ma'ribi Al-Ikhwaani, Abu Sayfillaah Abdul Qaadir said:

or you are muqalids, which means that you do not have the ability to distinguish between the adillah, which again necessitates you should remain silent.

Let us not forget the saying of the Takfeeris when they used to say: ?we don?t make taqleed of Ibn Baaz, Albaani, Ibn Uthaymeen or Muqbil as they are men and they err?!
For indeed the intent behind this statement is the same, they all seek to reject the sayings of the Scholars of this Ummah in order to spread their misguidance.
Look at the Taqleed and Hizbiyyah of this Liar Abdul Qaadir:

1. That this confused individual was one of those people who signed the contract which Al-Ma'ribi the Ikhwaani wrote and to this day he has not freed himself from that contract but rather we find that he has been defending it!

These are some of the points from this contract:
5. If they differ then they must all refer their affair to the two shaykhs (Shaykh Saleem and Shaykh Ali)...since they are the two known to me who know best about the da'wah in this country and the  state of its people."

Let us open our eyes, is this not Taqleed, restricting the salafis of a whole country to two Shaykhs from the students of knowledge. Or does Abdul Qaadir believe that they are Ma?soom (Free from any mistakes).]
The Prophet said:
? Every condition that is not in the book of Allaah is rejected (False)..?
Hadeeth Aisha.
So where Ya Abdal Qaadir is the proof for these conditions from the Book of Allaah or the Sunnah.
But the reality of the matter is just like the Noble Scholar of Madinah Ubaid Al-Jaabiri said:
And this in light of his clear and explicit statement which binds the Salafis in Britain to the two Shaykhs Ali al-Halabi and Saleem al-Hilaalee, in 14 places, the essence of which is that the reference point for the affairs of Salafiyyah are the two Shaykhs only. And that the rest from the people of knowledge, then either they have no status (role) in your affairs, or they only follow after them (i.e. the two Shaykhs). And this is the extremity of oppression and partisanship, and forming a sect the likes of which has no equal as far as we know, in the history of the Salafi da'wah.

And also:
"6. No one from either of the two sides may go to another scholar who is ignorant of the situation here.... Rather referring back to other scholars will only be for the two aforementioned shaykhs.."

And also:
""11. ... with regard to the present situation and future results, and this is referred back to the two shaykhs alone - either they order something from that, otherwise it will not be, and it is binding upon everyone that they submit to what the two of them say, and not to open the door to all and sundry."

"12. Yearly da'wah conferences and other than them in Britain will be unified. The shaikhs who will take part will be chosen after consulting the two shaikhs... unless the two shaikhs hold some view in that regard - since they know best about whether it will be beneficial for so-and-so to be allowed to take part in the affair or not."

"17. Whoever takes the advice of the two shaikhs regarding hajr (boycotting) a certain person, or openly rebuking him - then others may not criticise them for this.."

Subhaanallaah, look brothers and sisters, if anyone was to accept the Jarh of the two Shaykhs then he could not be criticised but if you take the Jarh of the Ulamaa the likes of Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi, Shaykh Zaid Al-Madkhali, Shaykh Muhammed Al-Banna, Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh Ubaid, Shaykh Faalih, Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymi and others they call you Muqallid!
Is this is what is considered to be moderate and fair, wallahi this is Hizbiyyah and following desires.
Allaah says:
? Oh you who believe! Stand firmly for the sake of Allaah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you not be just. Be just, as it is closer to piety..? (Al-Ma?idah:8)

And also:
"27. Whoever opposes what is contained in this judgement, then he is opposing what I hold to be what will draw the brothers closer together in Britain and will unite them together. So in such a case, then his affair will be referred back to the two shaikhs to decide what should be done about him according to the sharee'ah; even if that should result in a fatwa being given that he be boycotted and that none of the Salafis of this country should turn to him..."

So we see it is not even allowed for the Salafis of the UK (According to this contract) to oppose this judgement.  So Abdul Qaadir obviously does not believe that this contract is revelation, so therefore he is a pure Muqallid, sticking to a Hizbi contract which is far from salafiyyah.
Again we repeat, Is this not taqleed in its most horrid state.
So is it ok Ya Miskeen to blind follow Shaykh Saleem or Shaykh Ali may Allaah preserve them.
Shaykh Ubaid said (This contract) is a call to Hizbiyyah in the garment of Salafiyyah (return to the fatwa on
So we see clearly that you are the Muqallids.

2. So when you say:
"We do not blindly follow anyone, and we are the people of daleel (evidence)"
What you mean is that you strive to reject the sayings of the Major Scholars as you want to blind follow a chosen few from of the students of knowledge, as you have shown in your rejection of the statements of the Scholars about Magraawi, Abul Hasan and maybe others.

3. You quoted Shaykh Usaamah Al-Qoosi as saying:
"So it was not proper for these people to spread this subject amongst the people and bring it to the general peoples attention. And it is not proper for those rabble, people of chatter to bring this subject to the general people, those people who don?t even know how to speak, not one of them would be able to grammatically explain "Jaa?a zaidun" ("Zaid has come") and they want to talk about ?news from a thiqqah?- you don?t know what thiqqah means- you do not have the ability to speak about anything in the first place, what is required for you is to remain silent, you are a Muqallid (blind follower), you yourself are a muqallid, your obligation is to make Taqleed".

I don?t think Shaykh Usaamah is the best person to quote on this subject as already he has been known to speak with unbefitting words, as Shaykh Ubaid said about him:
Indeed I do not have knowledge and familiarity with Shaykh Usaamah Al-Qoosi, I hear from the people that he is a caller,just as i hear that he travels to America, Europe and some of the gulf states.
I am not aquainted with his tapes as to enable me to pass a verdict upon him,although i heard from him a very evil and impertinent statement concerning those who have criticised Abul Hasan Al-Misri then Al-Ma'ribi.
Al-Qoosi refered to them as being followers of Dhul Khuwaysirah At-Tameemi and when I heard this statement from him I detested it and began to dislike him and in reality I do not like him because this speech shows that he is Mut'asib to Abul Hasan Al-Misri then Al-Ma'ribi.
And those who have criticised Abul Hasan they are people of the sunnah, they are well known to us and they critcised Abul Hasan due to some Manhaj issues which are not befitting and we have studied these matters and other than them,so it is not befitting for Usaamah Al-Qoosi to speak with this speech.
And Shaykh Faalih Al-Harbi may Allaah preserve him, has knowledge concerning his affair and that which is apparent is that he has critcised him and spoke concerning him.

Again why are you forcing these words of the Shaykh who is only a student of knowledge and not from the Ulamaa down the throats of the salafi youth, this is his opinion and he is clearly wrong. Why do you make Taqleed of him?
As the great Scholars of this Ummah have mentioned these issues when refuting the Ikhwaani from Ma'rib, Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi, Shaykh Muhammed Al-Banna, Shaykh Zaid ibn Haadi, Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh Ubaid, Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymi, Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Haadi and others, and the Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah understand the Masaalih and Mafaasid better than anyone.

And I say to you Oh majnoon of Al-Ma'ribi do you know how to make I'raab (grammatically explain) that sentence and other than it correctly, I believe that you dont, so take the advice of the Shaykh, remain silent and go and learn.

4. We see that you are blind following the speech of a chosen few from the students of knowledge without any proof or evidence.
Just look at your Hizbi site, may Allaah protect us from its evil, it has articles which are full of the speech of men, no proofs from the book or the sunnah or the taraajim of the salaf.
So you are the Muqallid.
Allaah said
"Oh you who believe why do you say that which you do not do" (As-Saff:2)

5. This statement: "We do not blindly follow anyone, and we are the people of daleel?

a. If it is used in a matter of Ijtihaad by a student of knowledge (And we have established that you Abdul Qaadir are a Muqallid) to reject the sayings of the people of  knowledge who are older and more knowledgeable than him is not from the ways of the salaf us saalih, as the salaf in these matters would leave their saying for the saying of one who is more knowledgeable than them.

b. The place of this statement is when then there is a clear proof present which necessitates acting upon it. As if this was to happen no attention is paid to the speech of anyone no matter who it may be if it opposed the speech of the messenger of Allaah.

c. The origin of the muslim is that he firstly doubts himself (Is he correct or incorrect), especially if it is about a matter in which has opposed that which those who are more knowledgeable than him have stated.

d. Respecting the Scholars is a sunnah, as Tawoos stated:
From the sunnah is that four people are honoured, the Scholar, the elders, the leader and the parent.? (Reported by Abdur Razzaaq in Al-Musannaf 11:137 and it is Saheeh)

And repeating this statement (We do not blindly follow anyone) opposes respecting the Scholars. Yes if the proof is clear in a particular matter then it is obligatory to take and implement it as no attention is paid to the speech of men if there is a proof, because the speech of every individual is accepted and rejected except the Messenger of Allaah.
But we see that some people (like this Abu Sayfillaah) are using this statement in matters which there is no proof apparent which opposes the Scholar.

e. That which is correct is that Talqeed is not Haraam in totality. As the common person and whoever falls into this ruling whether it be a mutab?i (Someone who has the ability to follow the proofs) and it is not easy for him (in this case) to know the proof or even a Mujtahid who for example hasn?t been allowed to research a particular matter then it is allowed for them to make Taqleed.

Ibn Abdil Barr (Jaami?ul Bayaan 2:115):
?The Scholars have not differed that upon the common person is to make Taqleed of their Ulamaa, and they are those intended by the saying of Allaah:
?Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know.?(16:43)
And they have agreed that the blind man should make Taqleed of the one who he trusts to direct him to the Qiblah if he has a problem with this, then likewise the one who has no ilm or no understanding of the meaning of his religion, then it is upon him to make Taqleed of his Scholar.?

Ibn Taymiyyah (Al-Fataawa:20/203) said:
?That which the majority of this ummah are upon is that Ijtihaad is permissible generally and taqleed is permissible generally??

f. That we have to differentiate between the Ijtihaad of the mujtahid in a matter of ijtihaad and following the scholar in that which he tells you, for verily the following of him is by way of accepting the narration of the thiqah and this is waajib, except if it becomes apparent to you THAT HE IS MISTAKEN, so it is not be said that I am not compelled to accept the saying of this scholar.

(Some of the above material was taken from some of the students of knowledge present of

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..--=ahamdulillaah was. salaatu was. salaamu `alaa rasoolillaah.=--..
wa. ba`ad

Abu Usaamah has recently showed his weakness in knowledge and Manhaj by the Clarification which is being spread.
He is trying to use the same doubts as Abul Hasan The Ikhwaani and his main argument is the issue of Taqleed.
So let us understand and study the issue!

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