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Posted By Topic: Reading to the People of Knowledge (Shaykh Fawzan)

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Abu Ubaid Ali bin Nathaniel Grays (Cairo, Egypt)
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In the Name of Allah,  Ar-Rahman,  Ar-Raheem

Below are two questions that were presented to Shaykh Fawzan (May Allah preserve him) along with the Shaykh's answer. I also listed some benefits of reading to a Shaykh, and maybe someone else can mention more,InshaAllah.

1) Question: It's easy for me to memorize the knowledge based poetry. Do you advise me to memorize them and then memorize the proofs for them?                                                                

Shaykh Fawzan: "Yaa Akee, memorizing is not enough nor does it benefit. It is a must to read to the people of knowledge. If the memorizing and reading to the people of knowledge is together, then this is good. As for just memorizing, then this is not beneficial. It makes you fatigue, and after that it can possibly harm you. You'll think youıre a scholar and you're not a scholar."


2) Question: What are the matters which are necessary for the student of knowledge to focus on? Does he start with the books of Aqeedah?

Shaykh Fawzan : He starts with the easiest because this is the easiest way. The student begins with the smaller books and reads to a Shaykh, and then he advances to the books that are larger, and like this. He does not immediately jump into the detailed (larger) books at once. Rather he takes a little at a time to get to these larger books. He goes up in levels a step at a time.

Source: Silsilatu Sharhu ar-Risaail, Dar Imam Ahmed, 1st edition, Cairo, Egypt, page 59

*Some benefits of reading to a Shaykh:

1. The Shaykh provides the student with the correct understanding of the text and explains any differences between the scholars.
2. This helps the student read the book using the correct grammar rules and pronunciation.
3. If there are any mistakes from the publisher, the Shaykh can correct them.
4. The Shaykh can test the student's understanding before the student  teaches the book to others.

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Abul-'Abbaas Moosaa ibn John Richardson (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
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Beautiful topic akhee, baarak Allaahu feek!

*Some more benefits of reading to a Shaykh:

5. You benefit from the shaykh's manners in how he sits and speaks, in how he listens, in how he enters, exits, walks, etc., in how he interacts with the text(s), and in how he interacts with you and others.

ibn John

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