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From SP:

"It just gets worse.

From the same refutation of the followers of Abul-Fitan al-Mubtadi' in Luton:

"So where are the lies from? From none except yourselves. You claimed that Sheikh Al Albani did not believe this, by saying he had other tapes?

Oh ignorant one, there was no other statements of Sheikh al-Albani at that time, when Sheikh Abu Hasan al Ma`rabi adopted Sheikh al-Albani view. So how could he have left the other statements of Sheikh Al-Albani. And was Sheikh Albani a qutbi and an ikhwani when he made that mistake. Like you say about Sheikh Abu Hasan Al M`arabi.

Bring us your proof if you are truthful, but we know you are muqalids?so you can bring nothing except foolish and childish extremism with sharp tongues."

What sufuhaa! Its hard trying to depend upon the knowledge of these individuals, but its even harder when you can't even depend upon their intellects to understand the issue!

Quick notes:

1. We did not say Al-Albaani did not previously believe this. Saying that he had "other tapes", then yes we said that, meaning other discussions. We are in the year 1423H (unless you are some where else). In this year Abul-Fitan knows the final position of al-Albaani, and he knows that he has "other tapes" different to what he has chosen to refer back to in his reply to Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee. He did this so he would not have to make a clear recantation from his mistake.

2. As for the paragraph in bold that has been quoted, then refer to point 1. Yes, in 1423H Abul-Fitan knows the other statements. And in reality, one of the statements of al-Albaani even goes back to 1415H, even before the cassette of Abul-Fitan, which to the best of our knowledge goes back to 1416H. This is in the taped discussion with Adnaan Ar'oor al-Qutubi concerning Sayyid Qutb. Insha'allah if we find the recording we can provide it. The point is that in his reply to Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee, Abul-Fitan has been deceitful and hasn't really addressed the actual issue for which he is being critcised, and as usual he is playing around, fooling around (just like Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree labelled him a La''aab, one who fools around).

3. As for the request for proof, then we are not sure what proof you are asking for? If you haven't even understand what was said in the first place, you need to go back and understand it, and not start asking for proof for things you are not sure about."

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