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Follow up post by Abu Abdullaah

"Wasnt the issue for which Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee criticised him for that he made Ikhwan in Yemen to be inside of Ahl us-Sunnah? And differences are only in furoo? And he also spoke about Tablighi Jamaat?

In that case Abul Hasan should take those words back clearly instead of going off in other directions.

I dont see the point in bringing this reply when the original issue was why did he enter them into Ahl us Sunnah in the first place? His words were incorrect so he should be taking them back.

If you say that Ikhwan are from Ahl us Sunnah and the mistakes are within Ahl us Sunnah which is false statement, these words need to be repented from. What is the point in bringing principles from other scholars only to defend the incorrect statement he made?

I know you distinguish between individuals and manhaj of the group when making rulings, but was that the actual issue? The issue was that he entered Ikhwan as a group into Ahl us Sunnah in words that are clear.

I read Abul Hasans reply and I think you should add some other points here, like why does he not say yes, I agree I was wrong because all the scholars of today actually expel Ikhwan from Ahl us Sunnah, and that statement was wrong. They are outside of Ahl us Sunnah.

Why has he gone to the words of Imaam Albaani and used them to defend the false statement that he made? Shaykh Muqbil was warning from this group for years with the knowledge of Abul Hasan and he considered them outside of Ahl us Sunnah and was always warning against them. Other scholars also explain they are not Ahl us Sunnah, many scholars in fact. Abul Hasan knows this.

I think it is best to follow the advice of the Shaykhs of Madinah and leave Abul Hasan and not bother with him, because his replies are full of shubuhaat and tricks and they cause the hearts to become diseased and there is little truthfulness to be found in correcting himself.

I also read now on Sahab that Abul Hasan visited Salman al Awdah some years ago. Also he speaks well and defends Aaid al Qarni. And he also has friendship with Tayyar who is Takfiri.The way of this man is clear. He mixed with the Innovators and in his words he tries to defend them but in a cunning way. Then when he is caught out he then goes and finds words of scholars which he can use to hide and defend his false words, and to make it look like he is just following scholars. And then people become confused and they think that he is actually right and he is being wronged."

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