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Abu Hamza Harun ibn Abdillah al-Humri (Dammaj, Yemen)
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Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success, And remembers the name of his Lord and prays. (surah al-A'laa:14-15)


Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself, And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself. (surah ash-Shams:9-10)

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah May Allaah have mercy upon him said:
"Sufyaan Ibn Uyaynah and Qataadah and other than them two have said: He indeed is sucessful the one who purifies himself with the obedience of Allaah and the righteousness of the actions"

He also mention that:
"Ibn al-Jawzee said: The meaning of purifies it(the self) is that the person purifies it(the self) from the sins and rectifies it with the obedience (of Allaah)"

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah May Allaah have mercy upon him said:
"The Nafs (soul,self) and the actions will not be purified until that which nullifies it is removed from it, and the man will not be one who purifies himself except with the abandoment of the evil(actions). So whoever didn't abandon the evil(actions) he will never be one who is pure.
For verily the evil(actions) contaminate the nafs (soul,self) and corrupts it".

(Transmitted from the treatise "Purification of the Nafs" by Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah. Published by Maktabatus-Sunnah Second Edition 1416 pg's 37-38,42)

I ask Allaah The Most High The Most Magnificent that He makes us from those who purify themselves and keep away from corrupting the nafs!

Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
Brooklyn NY.

Ibraaheem al-Harbee said, ?I heard Ahmad (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) say, ?If you love that Allaah should keep you upon that which you love, then remain upon that which He loves, and the good is in the one who sees no good in himself.?  Refer to al-Aadaabush-Share

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