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Posted By Topic: Good Housekeeping!!

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Assalamu alaikum

A few tips on how one can perhaps fulfil their Islamic role of good housewife in a more efficient manner.

1. Minimize household items as much as possible. For example, clothes, dishes, etc. Have enough clothes for the family and children that can be stored away in cupboards/wardrobes neatly. Only keep those items which you are sure are needed and may be used. Any extra items accumalated over time which you find never get used should perhaps be donated to a worthwhile cause. Inshallah with the correct intention one may gain reward in doing so.

2. Once this process has been acheived one may find that managing the house becomes alot easier. This is because the the amount of "stuff" one has to deal with becomes alot more managable for example, the ironing. And with this one may find that things are more accessible. e.g. it is easier to find an outfit to wear out of several which is neatly hung or folded, rather than find one out of a whole cupboard full of jumbled up clothes which one may have gradually  accumalted over years and even forgot they existed.  (note: if you haven't used something for a while, maybe you don't need it)

3. Constantly maintain things, and aim to be consistent as much as possible. Try and have a place for everything and put things back as soon as you have finished using them. Get rid of unused dishes or store them away if not of immediate use.
If there are four members in a family, try to keep out enough dishes for four/five people. This makes it easier when it comes to washing up.
(note: uncluttered house makes an uncluttered mind!)

4. Always try to do a quick clean up of the living area (sitting room/lounge) and kitchen before settling for the night. This makes things much easier in the morning. i.e. getting children ready for schoo/work etc. and only leaves the morning "mess" to clean up as opposed to an accumalation of tasks from the previous day, or even the day before!

5.Try to do a bit of laundry every day or every other day. Inshallah this will ensure that you do not run out of things and it seems to work more efficiently.

6. Inshallah once a routine is established which best suits a person, one can use any day in the week in which to do extra tasks which one doesn't need to do everyday, for example, the cleaning of the bathroom, oven,  etc.

7. Inshallah as things become easier one should have time to do some more studying of the deen,teaching the children, or extra worship!

I hope the advice is useful

Wassalamu alaikum

p.s. (I am not sure if I have put this post in the appropriate discussion group )

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jazakillahkhair for the advice sister!
Inshaa,allah we can put it to practise.

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