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» How will you be when you are covered by a Fitnah within which the young grow up
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Posted By Topic: How will you be when you are covered by a Fitnah within which the young grow up

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UmmHaarith Bint Hasheem Ismaeel Ibn Ahmad Khan (Birmingham)
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Sharh Usool Iŭtiqaad Ahlis Sunnaah wal Jamŭaaŭah minal Kitaab was Sunnah wa Ijmaaŭ is Sahaabah wat Tabiŭeen mim Baŭdihim

Narration no.123:

* Imaam al-Laalikaaŭee -rahimahullaah- said: Muhammad ibn `Abdillaah al-Ju`fee related to us: Muhammad ibn Ja`far ibn Rabaah related to us: `Alee ibn al-Mundhir narrated to us: Ibn Fudayl narrated to us: from Yazeed ibn Abee Ziyaad: from Ibraaheem: from `Alqamah: from ŭAbdullaah that he said: ŭHow will you be when you are covered by a Fitnah within which the young grow up and the old grow old; if anything from it is left , it will  be said the Sunnah has been left ?ŭ So it was said: ŭWhen will that be, O Aboo ŭAbdur Rahmaan?ŭ, He said: ŭ That will be when your scholars have passed away, and your ignorant people have become many; and your reciters of the Qurŭaan are many, but those of you who are scholars having correct understanding are few![1] And this world is sort after with the actions of the Hereafter, and knowledge of the Religion is sought after for other then the Religion. ŭ

Narration no. 130:

* Imaam al-Laalikŭee -rahimahullaah- said: Muhammad ibn `Abdir-Rahmaan related to us: Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abee Shaybah narrated to us: `Alee ibn Ishkaab al-Kabeer narrated to us: Aboo Badr Shujaa` narrated to us: from Sulaymaan ibn Mihraan: from Salamah ibn Kuhayl: from Abul-Ahwas: from ŭAbdullaah (ibn Masŭood) -radiyallaahu anhu- that he said : ŭLet not one of you blindly  follow any man regarding his Religion, such that if he believes, then he will believe; and if he disbelieves, then he will disbelieve; and if you have to follow someone, then let it be one who is dead; because regarding a living person one cannot feel safe for him from Fitnah.ŭ

[1] Imaam ad-Daarimee-rahimahullaahŭs- narration in his ŭSunanŭ (1/75-76/no.186) has the addition: ŭŭand your rulers are many, and your trustworthy people are few.ŭ

Translated By Aboo Talhah Dawud ibn Ronald Burbank HafidullaahText

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