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» Know the Soul love to attain rank and position above its like and this is what produces pride and envy however the intelligent of strives for everlast
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Posted By Topic: Know the Soul love to attain rank and position above its like and this is what produces pride and envy however the intelligent of strives for everlast

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UmmHaarith Bint Hasheem Ismaeel Ibn Ahmad Khan (Birmingham)
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Extracted from Evil of Curving for Wealth and Status.
By Al Haafidh Ibn Rajab Al Hanbalee Rahimahullaah
Translated By Aboo Talhah Daawood Ibn Ronald Burbank.

Know the Soul love to attain rank and position above its like and this is what produces pride and envy however the intelligent of strives for everlasting and perpetual rank which is in Allaahıs Azza Wa Jal Pleasure, and in nearness to Him, he turn away from fleeting and short lived rank which is followed by Allaahıs Wrath and Anger and means the persons downfall, lowness and his distance from Allaah and being banished away from Him. So this is the second kind of eminence which is blameworthy and it is wrongful haughtiness and eminence upon the earth. As for the first type of eminence and wishing for it-then that is praiseworthy, Allah the Most High , says,

وَفِى ذَٲلِكَ فَلۡيَتَنَافَسِ ٱلۡمُتَنَـٰفِسُونَ (٢٦  

And for this let (all) those strive who want to strive (i.e. hasten earnestly to the obedience of Allah).

Al Hasan al Basree Rahimahullaah said: ıif you see a man competing with you with regard to this world then compete with his concerning the Hereafter.ı
Wahy Ibn Al Ward said, if you are able to make sure that one precedes you in hastening towards Allaah then do so.ı
Muhammad ibn Yoosuf Al Asbahanee, the worshipper, said, if a person hears of another person or knows of another person who is more obedient to Allah Azza Wa Jal than him, the that should grieve him.ı
Someone else said, ıIf a man hears or knows of another man who is more obedient to Allaah than himself and this causes his heart to break then is not case of vanity.ı
A man said to Maalik Ibn Deenaar, I saw in a dream a caller calling out, ı O people ! the time for departing and the time for moving on has come .ıBut I did not see anyone departing except Muhammad Ibn Waasi.ı So Maalik cried and fainted.
So it is correct to vie for the levels of rank in the Hereafter and to seek and aspire to that by hastening in that which leads to it, and that a person should not be satisfied with aspiring for lower ranks when it is within his power to aspire for that, which is higher.
But as for the second eminence which is cut off and followed by regret, grief, humiliation, shame, and inferiority- then it is prescribed to avoid this and turn away from it for many reasons. From these is that a servant should look to evil results in the Hereafter of seeking status in this world through authority and leadership- for those who do not discharged it duties justly. Also from then is that the servant should consider the punishment awaiting that unjust and proud and haughty and those who see to compete with Allaahıs cloak of Pride.
It is reported in the Sunan that Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, the haughty will be raised up on the day of resurrection like tiny ants in the shape of men, humiliation will cover them for every side. They will be led in to a place of confinement in Hell-Fire called Boolas. They will be covered by the Fire of Fires. They will be given to drink the festering pus flowing from the inhabitants of the Fire.52 in a different narration reported elsewhere there occurs in this hadeeth the people will tread upon then with their feet53in a further narration reported through a different chain there occurs, ıJinn Humans and animals will tread upon them with their feet until Allaah carries out Judgment between His Servants.ı
A Man asked permission to ıUmar Radhiyallaahu anhu, to address the people, so he said to him, ıI fear that if you address that people you will feel that you are better than them and so Allaah will place you beneath their feet on the Day of Resurrection.ı
Also from the Reasons 54 for this is that the servant should consider the reward in store for those who are humble for Allaah ıs sake in this world and that they will attain eminence in the Hereafter wince whoever humbles himself for Allaah then Allaah will raise him in rank.
Also from the reasons for this, and it is not something in the control of the servant, rather it is from the Bounty and Mercy of Allaah it is that those servants of His who know Him and who abstain from His sake for temporary wealth and status- in exchange for that in this world Allaah gives them the honour of Taqwa and respect of the creation. They will also taste the sweetness of having knowledge of Him and of Eemaan and obedience- and this is the good and pleasant life promised to those men and women who act righteously and are Believers. This good pleasant life is not tasted by kings of this world, nor by those who aspire to authority and status. Ibraheem Ibn Adam, Rahimahullaah , said.ıIf Kings and their sons knew what which we delight in, they would contend with us for it by the use of the sword.ı
Who whoever is granted that by Allaah is preoccupied by it from seeking fleeting status and temporary eminence, Allaah , the most High says:

وَلِبَاسُ ٱلتَّقۡوَىٰ ذَٲلِكَ خَيۡرٌ۬
The raiment of righteousness, that is better.
He, the most High, Says:
مَن كَانَ يُرِيدُ ٱلۡعِزَّةَ فَلِلَّهِ ٱلۡعِزَّةُ جَمِيعًاۚ

Whosoever desires honour, (power and glory), then to Allıh belong all honour, power and glory [and one can get honour, power and glory only by obeying and worshipping Allıh (Alone)]. To Him ascend (all) the goodly words, and the righteous deeds exalt it (i.e. the goodly words are not accepted by Allıh unless and until they are followed by good deeds), but those who plot evils, theirs will be severe torment. And the plotting of such will perish.

There occurs in same narration that Allaah, The Mighty and Majestic says, ıI am the Mighty and whoever wishes for honour then let him be obedient to the Mighty, and whoever whishes for honour in this world and the Hereafter- then let him have taqwaa.ı
Hajjaj Ibn Artaat used to say , ı Love of status has killed me.ıSo Sawwaar said, if you had Taqwaa of Allaah then you would attain status.ı
Concering this there is the Poem
ıIndeed Taqwaa is honour and Nobility
Whereas your love for this world is humiliation and sickness And a servant having Taqwaa will not suffer loss if he truly has Taqwaaı.ı

One of the Salafus Saaliheem said,ı who can be more fortunate than one who is obedient (to Allaah) since all good lies in obedience (to Him) Indeed the one obedient to Allaah is a sovereign of everything in His Hanf?ı

Muhammad ibn Suyalmaan- The governor of Basrah, entered upon Hammaad Ibn Salamah and sat before him asking him questions, and he said, ıO Aboo Salamah! How is it that every time I look at you I tremble dua to fear of you?ı He said,ıSince if the Scholar intends by his knowledge the Face of Allaah everything fears him, but if he wishes by it to increase in treasure then he himself fears everything.ı

Likewise someone said, ıIn accordance with fear of Allaah the creation will fear you, and in accordance with your love of Him the creation will love you, and in accordance with your preoccupation with Allaah the creation will be occupied in carrying out that which you are preoccupied from.ı

It happened one day that Umar Ibn Al Khattaab, radhiyallaahu amhu was walking and behind him were some of the older Muhaajirs, so he turned round to them and saw that they fell upon their Knees out of awe of him.So ıUmar, Radhiyallahu anhu , wept and said,ıO Allaah you know that I have more fear for You than them , so forgive me.ı
Al Umaaree the Zaahid(one who avoids the allurements of this world)once went out of Koofah towards ar Rasheed in order to admonish and forbid him, and fear speared through ar- Rasheedıs army when they heard of his arrival such that if an enemy army of hundred thousand had approached it would not have caused them greater fear.
It was also the case that no one was able to question Al Hasan due to their awe of him, and his closest students would gather together and ask each other to ask him questions.But then when they attended his gathering they could nor bring themselves to ask him-to the point  that it would sometime continue for a year, due to their awe of him. Likewise, the people used to fear to ask Anas Ibn Maalik questions and about this someone said.
ıThe answer if left and not mentioned again due to awe, And the questioner sit with their chins lowered- the light of dignity and honour, the sovereign of Taqwaa.
So he is the one who inspire awe and he is not a sovereign.ı
Badeel Al Uqailee use to say,ı whoever intends by his knowledge the Face of Allaah, the Most High, then Allaah turns with His Face to him, and turns the hearts of the servants to him, whoever acts for other than Allaah, then Allaah turns His Face away from him and turns the hearts of the servants away from him.ı

52. Reported by Ahmad(2/179) , Al Bukhaaree in Al  Aadaabul Mufrad(557) and at Tirmidhee(2492) who declared it hasan and its isnaad is hasan.
53. Reported byıAbdullaah ibn Ahmad in his addictions to Az zuhd(p.22) and its Isnaad containsıAtta Ibn Muslim al Khaffaf who is generally acceptable except that he makes many mistakes as occurs in at Taqreeb of Ibn Hajr , and Ahmad disapproved of this Narration as occurs to Taareekh Baghdaad(12/294)
54. i.e. the reason, which should cause a person to avoid seeking after eminence in the world.

May Allaah grant us the Tawfeeq of having the best detachment of this dunia
May Allaah Azz Wa Jal make it easy for us to always perform good deeds which are Beloved to Him, so we can seek nearness to Him and see

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