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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Ibn Taymiyyah -rahimahullaah- [d.728H] said, "Whoever in the Ummah is known in
general for lisaan sidq (truthful tongue) such that he is spoken well of and
praised amongst the ummah at large then they are the scholars of guidance and
the candles of light in darkness and their errors are few compared to their
correctness and these (errors ) are generally from the matters of ijtihaad which
they are excused over, they are the ones who follow knowledge and justice they
are far from ignorance and oppression and following mere conjecture and what the
souls desires" [Majmu al-Fataawa 11/ 42 43]

Sheikh Rabee bin Haadi adds, We do not follow them in their errors but we
respect the honor of the scholars and we say an error is an error and we correct
it upon knowledge and justice.



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