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Posted By Topic: Who is Better Someone Who Attains Good Manners or Someone With Them Naturally

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UmmHaarith Bint Hasheem Ismaeel Ibn Ahmad Khan (Birmingham)
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An Extract from The Book Upright Moral Character

A Concise Guide to Attain Dignified Islamic Character

By Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al Uthaymeen Rahimahullaah

The is an issue of discussion here: who is more virtuous- someone who has commendable character naturally, or someone who worked to attain it? Which of them has a higher status and more reward?

We reply to this question, saying: certainly, the person created with good manners is more complete with regards to his behaviour, and with regards to the actual presence of the manners within him. that is because he does not need to struggle or overcome any difficulty in manifesting them, nor are there manners absent in certain situations and scenarios, since they are sound within his natural disposition, whenever and wherever you meet such a person, so you find him having good manners, no matter what the situation. Therefore, from this angel, he is more complete without doubt.

As for the who struggles, refines himself, and attains good manners then he is certainly to be rewarded for this, due to his personal struggle. However he is much more deficient that the other when it comes to the completeness of his character.

Futhermore,is a man granted both types, some good character naturally and some attained, then this is the most complete case.

The types of people in this regard are four:

1.        One who has been deprived of (innate good) good manners (and he has not attained them)

2.       One who has some (innate good manners), but he has not worked to attain anymore.

3.       One who has good manners naturally and has worked to improve them.

4.       One who has been deprived of innate good manners, but has worked to attain them.

In Conclusion, the one who has good manners naturally is complete in his character. However, when a person struggles and endures hardships to attain good character he will be rewarded for his efforts.

Umm Haarith

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