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Posted By Topic: Non-Muslims delivering lectures in Masjids?

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Q: We live in Australia, a country that clearly admits its secular identity that secures freedom of religion and irreligion. However, the media television whether television or radio is controlled by Judeo-Christian influence. A simple observer can easily see this phenomenon. The proportion of Muslims to other inhabitants of the country is one to thirty two. Sometimes, a non-Muslim may come to our houses and eat with us. Sometimes they ask us to allow them see our Masjids (mosques) and they enter the Masjid with us. (Of course, these activities take place in respect to the Islamic relevant etiquette, like taking off their shoes or wearing scarves by women). What is the legal decision concerning the following:

- Is it permissible to permit them to deliver speeches in our Masjids (mosques)?
- May they deliver a speech in our celebrations in the lecture room outside the Masjid (mosque)?

A: It is not permissible to allow them to deliver speeches or give lectures in the Masjids (mosques) because they may raise doubts, show their disbelief in Allah, or gain prestige in front of the attendees which will be a great mischief and corruption. Likewise, it is not permissible to allow them to deliver speeches or lectures in our gatherings and Islamic celebrations for the same reasons previously mentioned.

excerpt from fatwa of Permanent Committee of Scholars

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