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Posted By Topic: Prayer in the Congregation?

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unspecified Abdul Karim (United Kingdom)
Posts: 20
Joined: Dec 2008
As-salamu Alaikum wr wb

I had these two questions regarding the prayer in the congregation, i understand that one has to pray at the masjid, but what if the masjid is far away, is permissable to pray at home?, or if there is another masjid nearby but they are not on salafiyya, is it permissle to pray there?

Jazza kallah khair

Wa alaikumu salaam wr wb


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Abu Musa'ab Muhammed Abdullah Nishil ibn Noorudheen Al-Hindee (India)
Posts: 39
Joined: Jan 2008
Wa'alikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

I hope the following will be of benefit!

Is it permissible for a Salafee to pray in a Masjid which is not Salafee if they were to live right next to that Masjid and there was no Salafee Masjid in that vicinity?

I(Sheikh Ubaid)say: We - the people of Sunnah - hasten to unify the people and we avoid separation. This is what we understand from the book of our Lord and the Sunnah of our Prophet-ııı ıııı ıııı ı ııı- and the Imaams of guidance, knowledge and Eeman. Indeed the unification of the Muslims is one of the great objectives of Ahlus sunnah wal Jamaıah, rather itıs from the principals of their Deen and the perfection of their ıAqeedah However, this must be restricted with certain stipulations:

Firstly: We pray with innovators as long as we have the need to do so, and we should not subject ourselves to arguing and debating with them. Also, if we have the ability to teach Tawheed and the Sunnah in that Masjid we do so.

Secondly: These innovators, are they quiet and calm or do they show enmity and hatred to Ahlus sunnah? If they are from the first type (i.e. quiet, calm and not showing enmity to Ahlus sunnah ı they openly display their innovation and they do not show enmity to Ahlus sunnah) then we pray with them and we give lessons in Tawheed, Sunnah, Fiqh and Hadeeth if we are allowed to do so. And it appears that this category of innovators will not prohibit [the lessons].

Thirdly: As for those who outwardly show hatred toward Ahlus sunnah and harm Ahlus sunnah, then we pray with them unless we find a Salafee Masjid or a Masjid where the people are innovators but are less [harmful]. So if a Salafee Masjid is found or a Masjid where the people are innovators but are less harmful then we pray in this Masjid.

Fourthly: Are these innovators outwardly displaying Bidıah and calling to it or does each one of them keep his innovation to himself? Because the second is lighter and he is not harmful [to others]. His harm is upon himself.

Fifthly: Is this innovation Mukaffirah [The innovation that in itself is disbelief and removes one from the fold of Islam.] or Mufassiqah [An innovation that is an act of disobedience less than disbelief and in turn does not remove one from the fold of Islam.]?

If it is Mukaffirah and the proof has been established against him then we do not pray behind him even if we have to pray in our homes.

However, if it is Mufassaqah like the innovation of the ıAsharees or the innovation of Tableeqh or the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, then we pray behind them except if they show enmity towards the Sunnah and harm the people of the Sunnah then it is as I have previously mentioned.

As for the one whose innovation is Mukaffirah and the proof against him has been established by an entrusted scholar who has the ability to explain [the relevant issue] then we do not pray behind him. And from the innovations that are Mukaffirah:

(1) The belief that the Qurıan was created;

(2) Wihdatul wujood;

(3) the Baatiniyyah

...these are innovations which are Mukaffirah.

We advise them, and if they refuse [to accept the advice] we leave them and we donıt pray with them. Rather, we pray in a Salafee Masjid or a Masjid where the people are innovators but are less [harmful]. So if we donıt find this or that then we pray in our homes. And Allaah is the Granter of Tawfeeq.

Reference: Tape entitled ıQuestions and Answers (Feb. 14, 2004)ı, side A.
By Sheikh  Ubaid Ibn Abdullah Al Jabiree(ıııı ıııı)!

The first step in knowledge is to listen, then to be quiet and attentive, then to preserve it, then to put it into practice and then to spread it.[Sufyan Ibn Unaiynah(Rahimahullah)]
Jazakhulla khair Wa Barakallah Feekum,Nishil

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unspecified Abdul Karim (United Kingdom)
Posts: 20
Joined: Dec 2008
As-salamu alaikum

Brother, jazza kallah khair for answering my question.

I had one more thing to ask regarding this.

I do not know this masjid's aqeeda, but what is bothering me they are not praying foot to foor, shoulder to shoulder. Is my prayer nullified to pray without placing the feet and shoulders together.

Jazza kallah khair.

Wa alaikumu salaam warahmatu lahi wabarakatuhu

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