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Posted By Topic: request info in regs. to U.S. armed forces!!!

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Abu Hamza Harun ibn Abdillah al-Humri (Dammaj, Yemen)
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as-salaamu alaykum...

can anyone inform me of the ruling in regards to enlisting into the United States armed forces (i.e. the army, navy, air force, etc...)?

also what is the ruling concerning enlisting in the United States law enforcement agencies (i.e. police officer, fbi, cia, dea, etc...)?

all responses will be greatly appreciated, for the need for the answers to these questions are somewhat urgent....

...baraakallaahu feekum, as-salaamu alaykum

Ibraaheem al-Harbee said, ?I heard Ahmad (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) say, ?If you love that Allaah should keep you upon that which you love, then remain upon that which He loves, and the good is in the one who sees no good in himself.?  Refer to al-Aadaabush-Share

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abu 'adam yahya ibn lawrence (Birmingham, UK)
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Wa laykoum salaam wa rahmatullah.

As far as the United States Military is concerned then I know of two fataawa by Shaykh ibn Baaz rahimullah regarding this matter.

The first revolves around the fact that men are NOT allowed to grow their beard in the military. It states in Army Regulation 670-1 that men MUST shave facial hair, with the exception of the moustache and every branch of the United States Armed Forces has the same exact regulation.  While ceartain individuals, based on medical reasons can grow their beard a maximum of a quarter of an inch with a military doctors approval.

Question: I have a friend who shaved off his beard, and I admonished him for it, so he told me: "The system within the army in which I work in my country forces me to shave off my beard". So is this permissible? (Please) advise us, and may Allaah reward you with good.

Response: In the Name of Allaah, and all Praise is for Allaah (alone). If they force him to do that, then he should not work for them, and he must resign if he is truthful. Either they allow him not to shave off his beard, or he must resign, and Allaah will provide a job with more blessings than their job (in the army), (as He (Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala) says):

{And whosoever fears Allaah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty)}, [Soorah at-Talaaq, Aayah 2].

Shaykh Ibn Baaz
Silsilah Kitaab ad-Da'wah (11), al-Fataawa - Volume 4, Page 42

The second fatwa, which I saw a few years back but unfortunatly cannot locate right now.

I remember that the questioner stated that he was ALREADY enlisted in a disbelieving nation's military and had accepted Islaam and he desired to know what he should do, baring in mind that he was under a four year contract.

The shaykh stated that as long as his job in the military was not one which harmed Muslims directly that he should fulfill his contractual obligation and then leave the disbelieving nation's Army and NOT RE-ENLIST. And if his job was one that had a direct harm upon the Muslims that he should leave immeadiatly.

If anyone knows of the source and exact wording of the second fatwa that I mention then please email me at

'Ata' bin Dinar said, "All thanks are to Allah who said {And it is the disbelievers who are the wrongdoers} (2:254) but did not say it is the wrongdoers who are the disbelievers." ---ibn Abi Hatim 3.966

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