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28-01-2004 @ 6:59 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Assalamu Alaikum

Does anybody know the referance (which book) for the narration of the sahabi Abdullah ibn Shaqeeq (radi Allahu anhu) (below), and which alim authenticated it?  I am aware that the scholars who make takfir of the one who abandon the prayer out of laziness use this hadith as evidence for their opinion.  I am typing the hadith/athar entirely from memory, so if their is any mistakes in the wording please feel free to correct it.


The sahaba did not consider any action to be apostacy than the action of abandoning the prayer

Jazzak Umullahu Khairan.

Ekbal Hussain ibn Siraj ibn Sharafat Ali al-Banngalee

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