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Q: Oh Sheik, are there any authentic hadith that mention fasting the first ten days of Dhul Hijah?
A:So the Sheik,(Sheik Uthamin)may ALLAH have mercy upon him, said; Fasting the first ten of Dhul Hijah is from the righteous actions without doubt. And the Prophet, peace and blessing upon him, said, "There are not any days in which righteous actions are done that is more beloved to ALLAH than these ten days. They said, Oh Messenger of ALLAH, not even jihad in ALLAH'S cause? He said, not even jihad in ALLAH'S cause, except for a man that left out with his self and his wealth and he did not return with either." So fasting is included in the general context of this hadith. And there appears hadith stating that the Messenger of ALLAH, peace and blessing be upon him, used to fast the first ten of Dhul Hijah, not counting the Eid. And Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, may ALLAH have mercy upon him,  takes this position and it is authentic. Fasting in the first ten is sunna. Yes.
End of Sheik's speech

Below is a link to an excellent article containing the statements of the Scholars about fasting the first nine of Dhul Hijah. Taken from

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