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Zaad ul Musalleen: A series of fatwaa on the Salaah by al-Allaamah ibn Uthaymeen

Introducing, bi idhnillaah, a selection of fatwaa on the salaah by the Imaam, the Salafi, al-Faqeeh, al-Allaamah Aboo Abdillaah Muhammad ibn Saaleh ibn Uthaymeen, from the book ?Mukhtaaraat min fataawa as-Salaah? published by Dar ibn ul Jawzee (Damaam, K.S.A.)

And all success lies with Allaah!


[Q. 4] A person is inflicted with urinary incontinence, so is it permissible for him to perform some acts of worship such as salaat, recitation of Qur?aan, and tawaaf with one wudu?

[A. 4] That which is well known with the people of knowledge is that a person who is inflicted with urinary incontinence makes wudu for salaat after its time has entered and when he makes wudu after the time of salaat has entered then he remains upon purity until the time ends. So when the time enters and he wishes to perform an act of  worship for which tahaarah is required, then he must purify himself again. Based upon that if he makes wudu for salaat ul-Maghrib after the adhaan of Maghrib and then the time of Ishaa comes, then he must leave (the masjid) and make wudu again. This is in case he passes some urine. As for when nothing comes out from him during this time period then there is no need for repeating his wudu. So if it was the case that he made wudu for salaat ul-Fajr after the adhaan of Fajr and remained in tahaarah until the sun rises then there is no need to repeat the wudu.

N.B. The question numbering is mine

ابو العرباض
Abid Zargar

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Please could someone with knowledge about this issue provide the Sharee'ah definition of 'urinary incontinence' to which the above would apply?  It seems from the statement:


As for when nothing comes out from him during this time period...

that it does not mean a CONTINUOUS uncontrollable flow of urine, which is what I've heard mentioned in the past when applying such rulings.

Also I'd like to check I've understood what the Shaykh, rahimahullaah, said correctly.  Does it mean that one wudoo after the time for salaah comes in is sufficient for the superogatory, obligatory prayers and any other acts of worship for which tahaarah is required until the time for the next salaah comes in?  This is what I understood from it.

Jazaakumullaahu khayr wa baaraka feekum.

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