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Does anyone know if their is an explanation of the following hadeeth available in the English language or on a translated tape:

The hadeeth is found in Saheeh al-Bukhari, Vol 8, Chapter 73, Hadeeth No.: 5.

Narrated Ibn 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said, "While three persons were traveling, they were overtaken by rain and they took shelter in a cave in a mountain. A big rock fell from the mountain over the mouth of the cave and blocked it. They said to each other. 'Think of such good (righteous) deeds which, you did for Allah's sake only, and invoke Allah by giving reference to those deeds so that Allah may relieve you from your difficulty. one of them said, 'O Allah! I had my parents bbbwho were very old and I had small children for whose sake I used to work as a shepherd. When I returned to them at night and milked (the sheep), I used to start giving the milk to my parents first before giving to my children. And one day I went far away in search of a grazing place (for my sheep), and didn't return home till late at night and found that my parents had slept. I milked (my livestock ... [To the end of the hadeeth]

JazakhAllaahu khairan


Aboo Bilal

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