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Um Umar Farrah bint shams (uk)
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Q: A questioner asks about the Friday Khutbah (sermon); should it be quoted from the sayings of the Prophet (salalallahi wa salam) or not? Should it be realistic and treat the vices of the communities? What is your advice to people? May Allah reward you with the best.

A: The Khutbah is not Tawqifiy (bound by a religious text and not amenable to personal opinion), a person may say what Allah (Exalted be He) makes it easy to him even if he does not use the same sermons of the Prophet (salalallahi wa salam). To sum up, the sermons and admonitions of Jumu`ah (Friday) Prayers and Salat-ul-`Eid (the Festival Prayer) are not Tawqify; a person is not obliged to use the texts reported from the Prophet (salalallahi wa salam). Rather, he should depend on the meanings of the Book and the Sunnah (acts, sayings, or approvals of the Prophet salalallahi wa salam), even if he does not relate the same words of the Prophet (salalallahi wa salam) in his sermons. He should give useful sermons that avail people at all times and places in the proper and suitable manner. For example, when the vice of drinking Khamr (intoxicant)becomes common, the preacher should explain that it is a grave and harmful sin and when people deal in Riba (usury/interest), he should warn them against Riba and emphasize the gravity of this sin. Similarly, if Ghibah (backbiting), Namimah (tale-bearing), Zina (sexual intercourse outside marriage), or sodomy appears, a person should warn people against such sins. If the people become heedless or unaware of the religious obligations, he should alert them to seek knowledge and understand the religion. He should advise them to attend circles of knowledge and accompany scholars. In a word, he should address people according to their needs and the circumstances and the state of their life so as to give them the best benefit at all times and places.

Fatwas of Nur `Ala Al-Darb
Shaykh Ibn Baz (rahimullah)
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