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Posted By Topic: Who has more right to be the imaam for the prayer ?

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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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Who has more right to be the imaam for the prayer ?

Shaykh Albaany, may Allah have mercy upon him, was asked: Is the leadership for the prayer based upon the best in recitation and in tajweed or for than whom has memorized the most Quraan?

Shaykh albaany, may Allah have mercy upon him, answered" The origin is that there is no difference between the best recitation and having the best tajweed and between the one whom exceeds the rest of people in his memorization of the Quraan due to the reason that memorization of the Quraan technically means that it is coinciding with the way it has been revealed. Reciting the Quraan in accordance to how it has been revealed requires that one preserves the etiquettes of the recitation that which been mentioned by the scholars of Tajweed in their books. So if there is a man whom exceeds everyone else in his memorization of the Quraan but he recites incorrectly then the one whom has memorized less than him ,but however he recites correctly is to be brought forward to be the imaam because the recitation with tajweed is intended by the statement of prophet alaihi as salaatu wa as salaam" The people are to be lead by the best of them in the recitation of the Quraan".

The book" al Haawee min Fataawaa as Shaykh Albaany" page 237 from the compilation Muhammad bin ibraheem.


Question: What is the correct explanation for the Prophet's saying: "The one who knows the most Qur'aan should lead the people in prayerı"?

Answer Shaykh Albaany: First of all, the hadeeth is found in Saheeh Muslim. The correct stance with regard to its meaning is to take it in its literal sense. And it is the memorization of the Book of Allaah and proficiency in reciting it, contrary to what some people believe it to mean, such as understanding it,even though there is no recitation and memorization.
What directs us to this understanding is the hadeeth [in Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree] of the young companion 'Amr Ibn Salimah, who was the Imaam for his people in spite of him being the youngest amongst them. This was because he was the one who had memorized the most from the Book of
Allaah amongst them. And there is not mentioned in this hadeeth what indicates something else by which this companion became distinguished, other than the recitation and the memorization, without the mention of understanding it. This is especially the case since, commonly, it is very rare for the one who has memorized the most to not be from among those who possess understanding of it, let alone be from those ignorant of Fiqh.
And this is quite clear, all praise be to Allaah. [Al-Asaalah, Issue #4]

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